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Why do you need a Saddler?

If you are new to the horseback riding world, there can be some terms that you require explanation with. Such is the case with a “saddler”, typically a person who fixes, repairs, and sells horse saddles.

Many of you may be wondering whether it’s important to look for a saddler or if you can get your services online. So, to answer that briefly, yes, it’s of high importance to have a saddler nearby. Moreover, someone fixing your saddle at your convenience will be needed for further reference.

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If you are not familiar with the term, don’t worry; we are going to elaborate on it further. Here, we will inform you about what a saddler is and its requirements for horseback riding activities.

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What is the requirement of a Saddler?

In the equestrian world, you will come across many types and some common items (objects) that require professional assistance. Many of you may not know but using a horse saddle, bridle, or harness is of high importance during horseback riding.

For those who are just not using their saddles the right way, it’s necessary that you approach a saddler for the proper fitting. If there’s anyone who is unfamiliar with the proper fitting of a saddle, they can follow the guidance of a saddler.

How important is it to have a Saddle Fitter?

It doesn’t matter how long you are in the game of horseback riding activity. It’s necessary that you must have at least one saddler nearby for immediate help and support.

Here is the list of the point that will allow you to understand the importance of a saddler –

  • A saddler will be integral to your success by making your tools work efficiently and well.
  • You will be able to ride a horse without discomfort when every piece of equipment is properly fitted.
  • The saddler will keep you updated on useful tools and functionality of different saddle styles.
  • Your horse will be at a high comfort level with the guidance of the saddler on the use of equipment.

Having a saddler of your own will make it easier to get custom-made saddles and out equipment for your horse. Moreover, a saddler also has the potential to uplift your riding routine and makes everything more enthusiastic. Thus, having a saddler will be of many uses for a person interested in horseback riding activity.

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Requirement of a Saddler for Proper Fitting

When you fit a saddle, it’s important to look at the comfort from the perspective of both the parties – the horse and the rider. However, if the saddle doesn’t fit properly, it will certainly cause a lot of issues on both sides.

So, to check the tool’s proper fitting and exactness, you must call a saddler for help. Likewise, they shall be liable to check the following aspects of riding with a saddle –

  • Saddle’s position – The first and foremost important thing is to check the position of the saddle. Likewise, the seat should be in the center of the horseback and in the right proportionate.
  • Saddle’s width – Secondly, the saddle should be wide enough on the horse’s back that it does not grab the horse’s skin too firmly.
  • Gullet – The gullet area of the saddle should be clean but also not too narrow that it causes discomfort.
  • Tree – It’s necessary that the tree of the saddle should be of the exact length and width. More so, it will interfere during the ride.

Apart from all these points, a saddler will also check the comfort of the horse as per the saddle fitting. There is this general rule which says that the saddle should be in such a position that it causes no harm to the horse’s skin.

Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter if you are new to horseback riding or have spent years on the horse’s back. Every now and then, you will certainly require the need of a professional saddle expert. Although you can always choose to buy a saddle and other equipment online, yet it will always be necessary to have a saddle fitter in your local. Hence, you can purchase tools online but make sure you have someone nearby to help with the fitting.

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