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Ultimate Guide: What to Wear Horseback Riding?

What to wear horseback riding

Many of us take horseback riding as the most fun and attractive sport or activity. Yes, we do agree with the statement, but we would also like to mention how dangerous it can be if you are not using the right equipment.

Most commonly, it’s about what to wear and not how to look for minimum impact while horse riding. In general, wearing the most suitable attire will help lower the effect of horseback riding and keep the rider safe from accidental falls. In addition, it keeps the rider safe and comfortable while staying on the horse’s back during horseback riding.

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Before going horse riding, look for the following points –

  • It’s necessarily essential to carry your helmet while riding on the horse’s back.
  • Do not wear long or baggy jeans/pants as they may get caught in the accessory near the Horse saddle.
  • Always have a little heal in your boots. Moreover, it will not let the foot get caught in the stirrup if there’s an accidental fall.
  • Wear clothes that fit your body and are not loose, or else they will be caught in the reins or other horse riding equipment.

You can also say that while wearing the most suitable attire for horseback riding, you can easily carry fashionable, stylish, and comfortable while being safe. Henceforth, you can go through our guide and ensure you have what you need for horseback riding!

Does it matter to choose the proper attire for horseback riding?

choose to wear for horseback riding


Yes, it does matter what you choose to wear for horseback riding. It won’t be wrong to say riding a horse is an attractive sport, and so is the rider’s attire. More so, dressing well matters, but above that, it’s essential that your clothes fit properly as well.

It’s all about what you choose and how you wear it as per comfort, fit, safety, and minimum effect on the riding discipline. Also, if the clothes that you are wearing for horse riding are comfortable, then they will keep you safe from –

  • Painful saddle sore
  • Friction between the Horse saddle and your legs
  • Reduce the chances of falling from the horse (with the correct fitting & boots design)

More so, as per the technical terms, there’s nothing extraordinary about horseback riding attire; yet it’s also essential to lay in the same direction.

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What to wear for horseback riding?

proper attire for horseback riding


In order to be safe and comfortable in the position of horseback riding, you must use the proper wear for the same. Here is the list of what you can choose to wear for horseback riding –

  1. Helmet: It’s obvious to know that while riding a horse, using a helmet is an essential requirement. We all know how dangerous it can be for any rider (new or experienced) to get on the horse’s back and command it to ride. Likewise, there are high chances of falling from the horse, so it’s important to use a helmet properly.
  2. Dress boots: You cannot just wear just any other for horse riding. It’s a basic requirement to always wear boots with a little heel that will disallow your foot from getting in the saddle’s stirrup. Now, it’s up to your riding discipline whether you want to choose paddock boots (ankle length) or dress boots (knee length).
  3. Breeches or riding essential pants: Many people are supposed to start wearing skinny or stretchy pants and consider them a good option for horseback riding. In a way, that’s the safest option, but always look for the material that should be soft and features textured fabric.
  4. Upper wear or Shirt: It doesn’t matter what shirt (or t-shirt) you are wearing during horse riding; until and unless it’s of the right fitting. In short, avoid wearing a loose or ill-fitted shirt, for it may get caught in the saddle or other places.
  5. Gloves: Many riders do not use gloves and see them as an option. However, gloves will protect your hands from continuous friction with the reins and other leather products.

Apart from these, you can also choose to wear – boot socks, non-chafing innerwear, half chaps, a jacket or vest, a belt, a safety vest, and so on.

What are the essentials for horseback riding?

If you are very familiar with horse riding disciplines, you would know there are dress codes for every event. Likewise, if you are into Western horse riding, your attire can be casual and funky. On the other hand, dressing up for English riding disciplines will require you to wear perfectly formal yet comfortable clothing.

Without deviating the person from its path, they may wish to wear any color, design, or pattern. However, there are three basic rules that they cannot go astray from –

  • Always protect your feet by wearing boots, as they are absolutely necessary for horseback riding.
    It’s of high importance to keep wearing a helmet during horseback riding. Moreover, protect yourself from any accidental fall resulting in fatal injury.
  • While it may not be a compulsion to wear the best quality clothes. Yet, sitting on a horse for hours can be extreme for many people.
  • Thus, you should wear riding-specific pants and similar clothing so that it does not cause saddle sores or other issues.


Now that you are aware of the essentials and basics of what to wear in horseback riding, you can confidently choose the desirable one as per your taste. More so, you can ride a horse without thinking about the attire to choose for horse riding.

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