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What Size English Saddle do I need?

What Size English Saddle do I need?

Whether you are looking for a horse saddle for yourself or someone close to you, it’s necessary to have the right fitting. Most riders may prefer to go for a Western saddle, while others may look at English saddles. In both cases, the size of the saddle matters the most as it provides comfort and stability during the ride.

Accordingly, the best way to check the size of an English is by trying it yourself. Also, it’s important to remember that the size of an English saddle will be determined by the comfort level of the rider and the horse. So, here we are going to inform you about what size English saddle you will need for horseback riding.

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Style of English Saddle

It doesn’t matter what horse riding activity you require an English saddle. Likewise, in every situation, you have to focus on if the size of the saddle will be suitable for both – the horse and the rider. Riders may go for different horseback riding activities, including hunting, jumping, dressage, eventing, trail riding, etc.

Hence, in order to be on the best side of using a saddle, make sure you choose the one that’s suitable for your riding routine. In addition, you must use a saddle of any such category that will benefit you in most circumstances.

What size English saddle do I require?

While you are looking to determine the best size English saddle, there are a few aspects that you must go through. Needless to say, you must not go for any unfitted saddle as it may be improper for a suitable riding experience.

Here are a few aspects that you must know about while looking for an English saddle category –

1. English Saddle Size Chart

The first thing you need to look for is the absolute correct measurement of the horse for buying a saddle. Likely, you also have to measure the seating area, which you can confirm by sitting on a chair at a 45-degree angle. More so, the saddle size will always be determined as per the rider and horse’s correct measurements.

Rider’s measurement Saddle Size
Less than 16.5” 15” Saddle 
16.5” to 18.5”  16” Saddle 
18.5” to 20”  16.5” Saddle 
20” to 21.5”  17” Saddle
21.5” to 23”  17.5” Saddle 

Now, this is the standard size chart for buying English Saddle. However, if you want, you can also go for the custom-made saddle as required.

2. Fitting Your Horse

After determining the right size of the saddle for your horse, it’s time that you confirm it fits the horse. It’s likely to say that using an English saddle will be of the best use if it fits the horse and the rider comfortably. Also, if you are still unsure about the proper fitting, you can confirm it through a local saddle shop expert.

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There are many different aspects of an English saddle fitting. It may suitably be as follows –

  • Balance: The rider and the horse should be in complete balance with the help of the saddle. More so, only then the weight of the rider will fall in equal proportionate on the horse’s back.
  • Width of Tree: Different styles of English saddle may differ with tree size and width. Similarly, you need to check if the tree size is suitable for the horse’s back or not.
  • Channel Width: It is essential that the channel should provide enough space that would be absolute for clearance. In addition, a flexible gullet doesn’t mean that the channel width will also be adjustable.
  • Wither Clearance: Notably, it’s very important to check if there’s adequate space between the pommel and the horse’s wither. Likewise, you can confirm it by allowing two fingers to slide in between the space.

Comparison with Western Saddle

The size of an English saddle will always differ from that of a Western saddle. So, in order to be on the safer side, you must confirm the measurements before purchasing one. For example, if you are using a 15” Western saddle then suitably you must get a 17” English saddle for comfortable horseback riding.

Final Thoughts

Typically saying, choosing an English saddle is far easier than it sounds. Moreover, if you have the absolute right measurements, then there won’t be any issue in using the saddle. Henceforth, a well-fitted saddle will be feasible to use and also provide support and comfort during the ride.

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