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Wad Saddle

The use of “Wade Saddle” have been traditionally popular among the riders in the Western Saddle category. Most commonly, using a Wade saddle can be the first choice for many Western horsemen and others. Notably, this type of saddle is highly suitable for stock work, training young horses, or simply for usual horseback riding.

In today’s time, you may get to hear a lot about Wade’s saddles. However, not everyone knows the exact purpose of using these saddles. So, if you want to know more about wade saddles, you may continue reading the information below.

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What is a Wade Saddle?

Wade Saddle

First, a horse saddle is an essential tool that helps the rider sit comfortably during horseback riding. It’s useful for the rider and helps the animal by distributing the rider’s weight equally on its back. Now, when talking about a “Wade Saddle” it’s also a popular type of Western saddle inspired by the traditional style of horse saddles.

Like any other Western horse saddle, you can buy a Wade saddle and use it for the same reason. More so, using such saddles is relatively easy for the rider and the horse. In addition, the best feature of the Wade saddle is that it provides an outstanding balance to the rider.

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How did Wade Saddles become popular?

Originally, Wade saddles became popular among a group of cowboy ranchers. Most riders were using it in Northern California, Western Montana, and other areas. As the cowboys continued using these saddles, they became quite known in other parts of the world.

There was a good amount of horseback riders who initially began riding horses using Wade saddles. Later, people started to purchase it for its unique and amazing features.

The best features of a Wade saddle include the following –

  • Low seat & horn
  • Slick fork
  • Comfortable seating
  • Position of stirrups

Each of these qualities of a Wade saddle makes it the best choice for horseback riders with different activities. Especially it will be highly suitable for cattle ranching and roping events.

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Addition Information on Wade Saddle

To help our horseback riders with useful knowledge about Wade saddles, here are a few more points –

  • Usually, a Western saddle comes attached with built-in padding on the seat and other parts. However, that’s not the same in the case of Wade saddles.
  • In order to avoid sore and back issues, it’s essential for riders to use a saddle pad while riding with a Wade saddle.
  • It doesn’t matter for what event you will be using a Wade saddle. Likewise, you must use it along with stirrups when tying up the leather cinch.
  • The rigging system of a Wade saddle will help in excluding the pull of the saddle. Furthermore, it will reduce the impact it may have on the horse.
  • Needless to say, the build of these saddles is such that it provides maximum comfort for long rides.

Final Thoughts

If there are people who are looking to buy Wade saddle online, they must know there are different options available in other categories. Likewise, you can only use these types of saddles if you are really into Western horse saddle usage. For more information, you can contact a saddle expert to enlighten you with useful information. Also, if you are looking to buy saddles of any category, feel free to look through our website.

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