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What is a Horse Bridle

Horses are animals that are way too strong and more powerful than us humans. Similarly, you’ll need proper control over it in order to proceed with horse riding skills. Though there is much riding equipment that you can use, the three most important ones are a horse’s saddle, harness, and bridle. Hence, many professional and usual horse riders use these tools for ease, comfort, support, and safety.

What is a Horse Bridle?

Horse Bridle

When we know how to use a saddle properly, we start moving with the other essential equipment. A horse bridle is made of leather and placed above the horse’s head. Moreover, using a horse bridle is necessary for those who want speed, grip, and control over their horse.

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Usually, a horse bridle helps the rider communicate with the horse while inserting pressure on the mouth, nose, and poll. In general, a horse bridle is made of durable leather, but in some cases, you can also find it in the following materials – synthetic, polyester, or nylon.

Most horse bridles come attached with a metal piece that sits inside the horse’s mouth with no teeth. Moreover, a horse bridle consists of various parts together to become one. Let’s learn about the several parts of a horse bridle!

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Parts of a Horse Bridle


Usually, a horse bridle comprises a headstall, cheek pieces, and a set of reins. More so, they attach to the bit or the noseband that helps in pulling and controlling the horse. In addition, you may find a throatlatch to make the bridle stay in place without falling off the horse’s head.

Here is the list of main parts of a horse bridle –

  • Headstall or a Crownpiece: It’s the part of the bridle behind the horse’s ear. Likewise, it connects to the cheek piece and browband that attach to the bridle and constitute it as one. Also, in addition to holding the main parts in place, the use of a headstall is to put pressure on several other parts that attach to the reins. Thus, helps in pulling the horse with the help of a bit or not.
  • Browband: Now, this piece is placed right above the horse’s eye and just below the ears. It runs across the horse’s forehead and prevents the bridle from sliding down. Though using a browband is common in English bridles, but also it can be missing from a western bridle. Many horse riders want their bridle part decorated with beads and leather work. However, it has nothing to do with the usefulness of the part and its functionality.
  • Cheekpieces: If you focus on the horse’s bridle, you’ll see two cheekpieces running down on each side of the bridle. The first one is attached to the noseband, while the other attaches to the bit. Also, you can see them running down the horse’s cheek, which is what the name suggests. In cases where the noseband is missing, there won’t be any need for another cheekpiece for the same.
  • Throatlatch: As the name suggests, a throatlatch goes just under the throat of the horse. That connects with the headpiece. Though it’s an integral part yet, you take measures to fit this part as it can clearly disturb the horse’s breathing. In order to make sure that the throatlatch is in the right place, there should be at least space for four fingers to slide between the space of the horse’s skin and the throatlatch.
  • Noseband: It’s quite easy to figure out that a noseband sits in place right above the horse’s nose. The actual working of a noseband is to keep the horse’s mouth close and apply pressure from sideways. Remember that it’s the only part of a horse bridle that may or may not be required as per the rider’s requirement.
  • Reins: A rein is that part of a horse bridle that connects with the bit and is directly under the control of the rider. In simple words, the horse rider will be able to communicate with the horse by using this part of the horse bridle. More so, it may not count as a part of a horse bridle as it simply attaches to the bit but has nothing to do with holding the bridle in place.
  • Bit: Many people consider a bit to be an integral part of the horse bridle accessory. However, many riders are against using this metal piece as it goes inside the horse’s mouth and causes trouble. More so, most bits are made from materials such as – steel, copper, rubber, plastic, or sweet iron.

Types of Bridles and Their Uses

Types of Bridles Bridle

There can be various types of horse bridles that you can choose from for English or Western riding disciplines. As most of us know Western riding disciplines do not necessarily require the need for a bridle. More so, English riders tend to choose bridles that look classy, decorative, or simple browbands and other details.

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You may look through the following set of bridles for horse riding –

  • Hunter – These bridles usually look traditional and important as horse riding equipment. They are standard and sometimes understated for their old look. Here, the riders get to choose from brown bridles with fancy stitches and patterns on the noseband and the browband.
  • Dressage – While opting for a dressage bridle, one will come across techniques and innovations used in its making. Also, there is a lot of bling and decoration in a dressage bridle, making them a little more attractive.
  • Jumping – If you do not have satisfactory thoughts about using a hunter bridle, you can also go for a jumping bridle. Likewise, they come in a mix of classic design and modern techniques that you can apply for the horse’s easiness and the rider’s comfort.
  • Eventing – As the name suggests, the rider may choose an eventing bridle for using it as per the riding discipline. Some horse riders may prefer to use the same bridle for every riding discipline. At the same time, others may choose a separate one for every other event.

Conclusion –

If you know for what riding discipline you require the bridle, you can easily purchase it online. Similarly, you can choose the one that’s best in price and quality and does not limit the riding experience. Those familiar with the riding disciplines can buy horse bridles online for their specific needs. All you have to do is check the English bridles that are most commonly available for the rider’s comfort.

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