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What Do You Know About Treeless English Saddle?


We all know what a saddle is and how it works for horse riding activities. Most commonly, all saddles fall into either the Western or English saddle category. There are different parts of a saddle that we may not know about. In the same manner, you’ll come across the saddle that may differ from one another depending on their types, design, and riding patterns.

Apart from the variety and features that an English saddle may provide, they are reasonably lightweight in comparison with a Western saddle. As you know, a saddle is comprised of different parts such as – a seat, gullet, stirrups, and tree. While all these are common in every saddle, you may come across saddles that do not compose a tree in its making.

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In actual terms, a treeless English saddle may have various advantages, but it may not be suitable for every horse and the riding discipline. Therefore, you must know if a treeless saddle will be convenient for you and the horse or not.

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What Exactly is a Treeless English Saddle?

What is Treeless English Saddle

If you haven’t heard of the term “treeless saddle”, let’s assure you that these saddles are well-established in the horse riding world. Many interesting designs provide comfortable rides with the use of treeless saddles. You just have to make sure that there are no issues with the saddle fitting.

Generally, a treeless saddle uses some sort of flexible plastic that provides support to the stirrups and girth underneath. You can find a Western or English saddle that comes in endurance design or any other. Moreover, if you want to buy a treeless saddle, know that many copied versions are of bad quality.

We are not saying that a treeless English saddle is perfect for you. But it’s better to look for all the options before you buy an English riding saddle.

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English Treeless Saddle: Its Structure

Firstly, you must know that an English treeless saddle differs from a Western treeless saddle. They are different in structure, comfort, and support for the horse and the rider.

An endurance or an English design saddle incorporates a thin plastic right under the seat. Above that, it has a leather or synthetic material covering that stretches along the seat and till the end of the saddle. Accordingly, the other parts of a saddle are fitted in the same manner as in different types of horse saddles.

Just like in an all-purpose English saddle for sale, the weight of the rider lies on the area where the stirrup leather originates. More so, the pressure may increase over the stirrups if you have a treeless saddle for its structure.
Consideration to Fit Treeless Saddle

From a Horse’s Point of View:

  • No gap or gullet in a treeless saddle allows the horse’s spine to be free from any friction. More so, it may cause pain and other issues with the horse’s back.
  • Some horses with high withers may not be able to fit in a treeless saddle as there’s no tree to hold the horse’s spine.
  • A treeless saddle will not be suitable for horses who involve in jumping activities. The reason is that without a tree, your saddle will lack support for the horse.
  • Most treeless saddles are versatile and can fit any type of horse. Most prominently, they are more useful for students in camp and other basic learners.
  • Horses with short backs can perfectly fit a treeless saddle.

From Rider’s Point of View:

  • Before confirming a treeless saddle for your horse, it’s important that you consider it for yourself as well. More so, you can test-ride your horse before you look to purchase.
  • A treeless saddle can be a good option for youth English saddle. It’s because many horses move better without a tree. Likewise, you can try it for yourself and then make up your mind.
  • If your saddle does not fit you properly, there are high chances for you to fall off the horse’s back.
  • When the rider sits on the horse’s back, they can tell if it fits them comfortably or not. Thus, it’s equally important to check its convenience as per your riding discipline.


While many of you may know about a treeless saddle, some riders are still unknown of its features. Furthermore, you can buy a treeless saddle, which will be of great comfort for them. You can also check through our website and buy the one that fulfills your requirement. Also, it’s a compulsion to know whether it will be convenient for the horse or not.

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