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6 Reasons to Buy Synthetic Western Saddle For Horse

Many people think synthetic saddles are not worth it, compared to leather saddles. Well, it’s not true, as there are always pros and cons of using each of the materials for horse saddles.

On the brighter side, using a synthetic Western saddle will be more convenient and give you more time to prep for other things. Likewise, they are quite affordable and come in excellent quality and designs.

Yet, some people may be willing to buy saddles online that are made of synthetic material. Accordingly, you may quit using a leather saddle and buy one that’s available for a reasonable price.

If you are on the positive side of using a synthetic saddle, know that there are various measures that you may take. Let’s see what a synthetic saddle is and how convenient it is for you to purchase it!

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What is a synthetic western saddle?

What is a Synthetic Western Saddle

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A synthetic saddle is mainly made up of synthetic material that’s not a natural product like leather. It is man-made, usually lightweight, and does not cost too much. More so, they are a lot different from traditional leather saddles.

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If you are thinking of purchasing a synthetic saddle, know that it does not require too much care and maintenance. Furthermore, you can simply clean them with a saddle cleaner or a wipe to remove the dust. Also, unlike leather saddles, they do not have any breaks in between that may require deep cleaning.

Top 6 Reasons to Buy Synthetic Saddle

For those who are new to buying synthetic saddles, it’s a must to compare the prices before the purchase. As we know, various options are available depending on the type of horse saddle you require. More so, you read the highly distinguishable reasons to buy a synthetic western saddle.

  • They are Weightless – Many horseback riders prefer to choose a saddle that’s not heavy for their horse. Likewise, they wish to buy a saddle that’s more convenient for the horse so that they can have a fulfilling ride. Likewise, choosing synthetic saddles means picking a 30-pound saddle compared to the leather ones that are about 60 pounds in weight.
  • It’s Easy to Clean – Unlike a leather saddle, you do not have to go through a complete process to clean a synthetic saddle. All you can do is wipe off the dirt after using it and store it inside. Also, if they get wet, you don’t have to worry about that as they do not be damaged.
  • Worth for Money – Buying a synthetic saddle will always cost you less in comparison to a leather saddle. In general terms, most horseback riders choose a synthetic saddle as they are under their budget. Also, they are common among beginners who are learning horse riding routines.
  • Easy to store – You can easily store a synthetic saddle without any wear or tear for the next few years. In addition, unlike a leather saddle, you do not have to buy so many tools to keep them aligned.
  • Comes with Durability – One best things about synthetic saddles is that they also last for about 7 to 8 years, just like leather saddles. Moreover, if you purchase a good quality saddle, it may even last longer.
  • Adjustable Tree Designs – Many synthetic saddle manufacturers include adjustable trees in their making. Furthermore, it will allow the saddle to fit the horse’s back, regardless of size.


By now, we hope it has become easy for you to choose the best synthetic saddle. Likewise, you can refer to our “shop” page and select a desirable synthetic saddle for your work. Hence, it is advisable to check its cost, fit, weight, and durability as per your horse riding discipline.

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