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Saddles for short-backed horses

Saddles for short-backed horses

Among a variety of horses used for horseback riding, there are many short-backed horses. They are exceptionally available in different parts of the world for different styles of horse riding. However, as they differ slightly in structure and size from other horses, it can be difficult to find them the proper equipment.

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Now, how can you tell that the horse has a short back? Well, that’s easy to define, as there are three divisions when you look at the horse’s back. If you have to calculate, your horse’s back should be at least one-third of its total length. More so, if it’s not, then your horse is a short-backed horse. Similarly, such horses will require different sizes of horse saddles that are much more comfortable for their back.

Concern Over Short-backed Horses

It’s seen that many horse riders in the US are fiddling with the issue of finding the best saddle for short-backed horses. Likewise, if you search around, many different sizes and breeds of horses are used for horse riding activities. So, it can be problematic to fit them all in the same dimensions of the universally available saddle.

On the other hand, to help with this issue, saddle fitters and manufacturers are making custom saddles. Specifically, it is favorable for horses with different sizes and back structures. Now, the question is, what kind of saddles will fit short-backed horses? Let’s continue exploring this answer even further.

Is Saddle length a concern?

When looking for a saddle that should fit a short-backed horse, it must be confusing to believe in different ideologies. Some people say that you will need a different saddle for such horses. Likewise, others are preferably using the same Western & English saddles with appropriate measurements for the horse’s back.

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It is likely that many saddle fitters are using saddle tools to bring forth the best of horse riding essentials. In the last few decades, there has been a tremendous rise in the research for making horse saddles for almost every breed. Needless to say, they come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s necessary for the saddle to fit their back for proper horse riding activity.

What Saddles fit Short-backed horses?

As we know, horses with shorter backs will not feel comfortable with a regular fit saddle. So, there are many classifications of saddles that will suitably fit a horse with a short back. You must take the right measurement of your horse’s back and send it for the making process.
Also, there are some companies that make saddles that are simply perfect for a short-backed horse. They will be more suitable for horses with short backs and others like ponies and dwarf horses. More likely, if you use a regular saddle for short-backed horses, there will be issues. They can be like –

  • A standard saddle will be too big for short-back horses.
  • The seating area will fall on the last portion of the horse’s back.
  • It will be uncomfortable for the horse and the rider as well.
  • The rider’s weight will not be equally distributed and may cause issues.

So, it’s important that you must use an appropriate saddle for the horse as it’s required. Also, make sure that your horse feels comfortable in the saddle before going for the ride, as it’s efficient.

Specific Saddles for Short-backed Horses

Generally, a horse will move quite well when comfortable wearing a saddle that fits its body. Likely, using specific saddles for short-backed horses will suit the horse’s movement during the ride.

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In order to be sure about the best saddle for your horse’s back, it’s essential that you try and ride it first. Look for the signs of uneasiness or anguish behavior in the horse as you place the saddle. Moreover, if the girth and stirrups of the saddle are not in accordance with the animal’s structure, it will surely cause issues during the ride.

Bottom Line

If buying a new saddle for your short-backed horse is becoming problematic. You can surely take help from an expert. They will likely provide you with the best suitable options to make your horse calm during the ride. Accordingly, buying a saddle online will give you more options rather going to a tack shop.

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