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Red/White Nylon Driving Harness for One Horse with Diamante Brown Bridle

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  • Enchanting red and white design for a magical look
  • Specifically designed for use with one horse carts
  • Crafted with high-quality nylon for durability
  • Includes a stunning diamante brown bridle

Introducing the eye-catching Red/White Nylon Driving Harness for One Horse, complete with a dazzling diamante brown bridle, a stunning combination of style and functionality for your one horse driving endeavors.

This striking driving harness features a vibrant mix of red and white nylon materials, ensuring both durability and a visually captivating appearance. The contrasting colors make a bold statement, reflecting your passion for driving in style.

Designed specifically for one horse, this harness guarantees a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you and your equine partner to enjoy a smooth and harmonious driving experience. The harness includes a breast collar, back strap, and breeching, all meticulously crafted to provide stability and control during your drives.

The inclusion of a diamante brown bridle adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to the ensemble. The sparkling diamante accents on the bridle bring a touch of elegance and sparkle, making your driving experience even more special.

Safety and comfort are paramount, and this driving harness ensures both. Padded elements throughout the harness protect your horse’s sensitive areas, minimizing discomfort and ensuring a pleasurable ride.

Whether you’re going for a leisurely pleasure drive or participating in parades, this Red/White Nylon Driving Harness with diamante brown bridle promises to turn heads and make a lasting impression.

Nylon materials are chosen not only for their durability but also for their easy maintenance, making this harness a practical choice for regular use and various driving conditions.

With this stunning ensemble, you and your horse will make a dazzling appearance as you embark on your driving adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned driver or a passionate enthusiast, this harness is sure to capture the attention and admiration of onlookers.

Embrace the allure of driving in style with the Red/White Nylon Driving Harness for One Horse, complemented by the enchanting diamante brown bridle. Create cherished memories and celebrate the joy of driving with this exceptional driving harness that brings together beauty, comfort, and function in one delightful package.


Red / White




Small (Pony), Medium (Cob), Large (Horse), Shetland, Mini

1 review for Red/White Nylon Driving Harness for One Horse with Diamante Brown Bridle

  1. Nemy Jubilee

    These straps provide excellent support and control. I feel more connected to my horse, which is fundamental in racing. Harness looking awesome on my white horse.

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