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Horse Saddle: Need for Horse Riding

The term “horse saddle” suggests a supportive structure that’s placed on the back of the animal (horse) and fastened by girth and other equipment. If you own a horse, probably there will always be a need for Saddle; that’s quite an expensive article among the various equestrian tools. Further, to have a better and more supportive experience at horse riding, you need to purchase a high-quality saddle that lasts for several years.

Here, we will inform you about the basics of a horse saddle and what you need to keep in mind while purchasing a horse saddle online. In addition, it’s also considerable to make your decision depending upon what discipline you require the Saddle.

What is a Horse Saddle?

A horse saddle is a popularly known equestrian equipment that riders use for protection and support while horse riding. There are different varieties of horse saddles that come in padding to provide equal support in all directions. More so, the rider that sits on the horse needs to communicate as well to have control over the animal’s running and movement.

Earlier, when the saddles were being design, they were usually available attach to a blanket, and later more elaborate and padded designs came into use. As in today, the modern saddle designs come in a variety of styles that are more specific to the rider’s discipline. Likewise, the proper care of the Saddle will extend its life, and your Saddle will stay classic for more than a decade.

In the modern times, the horse saddle is broadly classified as –

  • English Saddle
  • Western Saddle

If you are familiar with the horse riding disciplines, it’s undoubtedly possible to know the typical difference between them. In general, the western saddle style comes with a high horn on the pommel. It indeed allows the rider to rest the reins in the front. More so, they are common for longer routes and most preferable to riders who stay on the horses back for long hours. Similarly, on the other hand, English saddles are more classic and lightweight saddles that are usually preferable for different riding disciplines.

Which style of Saddle should I purchase?

The first and the foremost important aspect of buying a saddle is to conclude the purpose for which you require the Saddle. There are various disciplines of horse racing, and one must select the Saddle depending on that. For example – dressage, show jumping, and similar classes require distinct styles of saddles.

Though it may not be simple to make the right choice, you’ll find the best saddle style accordingly if you consider the essential aspects. Likewise, if a rider just wants to enjoy riding around the trails, they can choose to buy an all-purpose English or Western Saddle. Furthermore, there can be other aspects as well that you might consider while selecting the Saddle for horse riding.

Some riders do not consider the part of their horse that may not be suitable in the long run. Along with the comfort and fit, it’s equally essential to note that the Saddle fits the purpose of its use. Thus, choosing a saddle that’s best for the horse and the rider will be a plus point for both of them.

Fit the Saddle: For the horse and the rider

If you buy a saddle that doesn’t fit properly, it will undoubtedly cause all types of issues in the training and health of the horse. More so, it will also be uncomfortable for the rider and may increase the risk of accidental falls.

The first thing you need to notice while purchasing the Saddle is the width of the gullet. It is so helpful as not all horse’s backs are in complete alignment, and they require to fit in the exact shape. That’s why most experts suggest buying saddles that are flexible and not rigid in the material. However, that’s only possible if you choose to go for a high-quality saddle that’s also available on our website.

Note: Most people who purchase the Saddle for the first time often get confused with similar design patterns and materials. However, with the right help from an expert, you can easily select the best Saddle for your horse. Here, on our website, you can go through various products and select the one that best suits your requirement.