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Privacy Policy

Here, at, we understand the importance of keeping our users/viewers safe under our company’s privacy policy. It further means that our viewers shall remain confident while visiting our website, and none of their information is transferable to other unreliable sources. More so, we collect their data to serve them better and enhance the company’s relationship with the customers.

Storage of Information:

We collect information from visitors who visit our website to better understand their choice and preferences. The data we mostly collect consists of email addresses, user names, IP addresses, and similar information. We store such data to keep the flow of communication for better responses. More so, we are able to deliver promotional offers and discounts through the medium of email.

Keeping Data Private:

We do compile the information about what pages customers usually visit as it tells us a lot about their behavior. Further, such information is reviewed internally to improve the website’s functionality. Also, we limit the content, layout, and customer contact that may have an issue with marketing purposes. Thus, we keep the data confidential and do not sell or give away the information to any source outside the company’s trust.

Placing Order:

While placing the order on, it is important to provide the right information for proper contact. We’ll need the following details for contact – name, address, phone number, email address, etc. Furthermore, such information will be helpful in ensuring that your parcel will be delivered on time and to the right address.

Allowing Permission:

To provide our customers with up to date information, we may communicate with them using – phone, email, or other mediums. In addition, we also offer discounts on products from time to time. Thus, there is no obligation in choosing the medium through which you want to receive the information.

If the user wants to stop receiving the messages in the future, they can email us directly using the contact information. We want to ensure our viewers that every step that we take is for the betterment of the customers and their approaching demands.


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