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Leather Saddle & Synthetic Saddle: What to Choose?

Leather and synthetic saddle

Buying a saddle is often overwhelming when you are into equestrian sports or similar activities. Though they might be costly, getting a new saddle for your horse is always soothing. Likewise, it doesn’t matter if you are an experienced rider or a newbie. Every horse rider looks forward to getting an accustomed saddle as per their requirement and suitable riding form.

Leather Saddles

If anyone is into horse riding activities, they must know that most of the equipment is available in leather material. Similarly, buying leather saddles online is more prominent for horse riders as it’s the traditional old and most trusted quality of material for saddles.
A leather saddle (English or Western) is a classic horse-riding tool that’s lightweight but can also be expensive at the same time. Generally, people who buy leather saddles are the ones who want to invest one time and use it for about 8 to 10 years. In addition, genuine leather will always be of the best quality and high comfort level.

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Synthetic Saddles

Synthetic saddles are manufactured from man-made material and may not be as comfortable as a leather saddle. However, with modern technology, many installations in a synthetic saddle make them an affordable choice. You can purchase them at a low cost and also do not maintain them so much. Accordingly, just like the leather saddle, synthetic saddles are also available in all types of riding disciplines. More so, you can feasibly buy English saddles or Western saddles in synthetic material.

There’s a considerable price difference between leather saddles & synthetic saddles, and that’s why people often choose as per their budget. If you are using a leather saddle, of course, it will last for ages, but it also requires regular cleaning and conditioning. On the other hand, synthetic saddles may last for 4 to 5 years and don’t require much attention.

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Advantages of Leather Saddle & Synthetic Saddle

There are always some good and bad alternatives, and you must choose the best one per your criteria. Likewise, both leather saddles & synthetic saddles are unique in different qualities. Henceforth, consider the following points before purchasing the saddles you require.

Leather Saddle Advantages:

  • Highly attractive design
  • Low and high price ranges are available
  • Classy looking saddle
  • Highly durable
  • Provides better grip
  • Great resale value

Synthetic Saddle Advantages:

  • Available at a low price range
  • Does not require maintenance
  • Quite lightweight
  • Somewhat durable for a few years
  • Usually weatherproof

More so, these points will help you determine the saddle that you demand to purchase. Also, you can check it with your saddler or an expert so that you can get the best saddle for your horse.

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Which saddle is best for beginners?

Although it’s pretty feasible to go for any saddle material, depending upon your preference, some new riders find it difficult to use a leather saddle. Indeed, using a synthetic saddle will build confidence when you are riding the horse. However, it depends on what you choose and what’s more convenient for your horseback riding scenario.

If someone is buying a saddle for the first time, they can either buy a leather or synthetic saddle as per their will. Accordingly, using a synthetic saddle requires less maintenance, so a new rider can use it without any worry.


It can be quite useful to buy a saddle, but the choice is between a leather saddle & synthetic saddle. We can only tell you that buying a saddle per your budget will be more feasible for your upcoming riding routine.

As we know, buying a saddle is not the only tool you may require for horse riding. If you are very into horseback riding sports, then there are other parts that can maximize your budget line. Likewise, you can purchase saddles online from our website after referring to what you are looking for. Needless to say, all types of saddles we have are comfortable and highly maintained.

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