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Measure Western Saddle Seat Size

Most people who are keenly interested in horse riding use different equipment that is essential. One such important element that most horseback riders compulsorily have is a saddle. It not only makes the ride comfortable but it provides support to the rider in the long run.

There are categorically two types of saddles available: the English saddle and the Western saddle. You may find a variety of saddles, but it’s equally important to see if the size fits your horse or not. Similarly, we advise people to choose their horse’s saddle after confirming the correct measurement of the saddle.
While choosing to buy a Western saddle seat size online, it’s essential that you consider a few points. Likewise, be assured that you are purchasing a saddle that’s suitable for your riding style.

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How do you know if the Western saddle size will fit your horse?

Your saddle is the most critical piece of equipment for horse riding, and choosing it wisely is highly essential. In the same manner, you also have to check if it’s comfortable, provides support, and is safe enough for you and the horse as well. Unfortunately, if the saddle doesn’t fit in place, it can cause a problem during the ride for both of you.

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In order to check its fit, you can first place the saddle on the horse’s back without a saddle pad. It helps you see if the saddle is too big or too small for your horse. Also, it will help to know if there’s any requirement for a saddle with a large skirt or not. Accordingly, it depends on the purpose of your riding style.

How do you determine the right fit for the Western saddle?

Determine your Western Saddle size fit with the following points:

Choosing the right Western saddle size is essential for both rider and horse comfort and safety. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you select the perfect size.

  • Start by recognizing the importance of saddle size. A well-fitted saddle promotes a balanced seat and helps prevent discomfort for both you and your horse.
  • Begin with the rider. Measure your inseam, which is the length from your hip bone to your ankle. This measurement helps determine the seat size, ensuring your comfort.
  • You must measure the gullet and see if it sits perfectly on the horse’s back. Also, you have to ensure that the horse is comfortable with it or not. To check if it’s the right fit, you can simply test it by allowing a gap of two fingers between the gullet and the horse’s back.
  • Make sure that the saddle panels and flaps are hanging equally from each side. Here, you can also confirm that the cantle and the horn are aligned in a proper manner.
  • It’s highly essential to consider the width of your horse’s withers before finalizing the saddle. Make sure your saddle is wide enough to not rub against the horse’s skin and cause injury.
  • Checking the seat and how you may like it is obvious. For example, if you are looking for a padded saddle, it’s a must to check if it’s comfortable for the horse.
  • Consider your riding style. If you plan on long trail rides, you may want a larger seat for added comfort. For performance events, a snugger fit may be preferred.
  • Measure your horse’s back length from the withers to the last rib. The saddle’s bars should ideally match this measurement.
  • The treewidth of the saddle should correspond to your horse’s body shape. Consider the horse’s shoulder width and the space needed for the withers.
  • For western riding, check if your stirrup length allows your legs to hang comfortably. Stirrups that are too long or short can affect your posture.
  • Whenever possible, try different saddles to assess their fit and comfort. Make adjustments or seek professional guidance as needed.
  • After selecting the right saddle size, ensure regular maintenance to keep it in good condition. Well-cared-for saddles provide longevity and comfort.

Choosing the perfect Western saddle size is a critical step in ensuring a comfortable and safe riding experience for both you and your horse. By following these steps and considering essential factors, you’ll be well on your way to finding the ideal fit for your equestrian adventures.

Pro Tip:

In riding a horse confidently, sitting on the correct size saddle seat is essential. You can buy a size larger than the actual measurement so that you can sit comfortably. Accordingly, sitting on a seat that’s too closely contacted will cause chafing and other problems.

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Confirm the Western Saddle Seat Size

Specifically, specific rules allow you to measure the accurate size of your western saddle seat.

They include:

  • Once you have decided on the saddle you want to buy, you must check the seat size as per your comfort level.
  • Normally, people do not find it essential to check if the seat is comfortable once they have found a saddle with a desirable look and design. You can buy a saddle with a bigger seating area per your comfort and support.
  • In order to take the right measurement of the saddle’s seat, you should start measuring from the back of the swell to the gullet and then the cantle.
  • Now it’s time for you to get on the saddle’s seat and try, for instance. It is convenient to check if there’s a gap of three fingers between you and the swollen area of the saddle.
  • Lastly, your back should be resting on the cantle, not too relaxed nor too much in front. Moreover, the cantle height should be accurate according to the type of saddle you are purchasing.


We all know how important it is to choose the right Western saddle size for both the rider and the horse. Thus, a proper sitting saddle with every part falling in line will be much more comforting in the long run. Also, a rightly fitted saddle will last more than one that’s of the wrong size. Likewise, the proper fit will avoid issues of irritation and other factors that may arise later.

If someone is willing to buy something of the right choice, they may do so after getting help from a saddler or an expert. We would like to assure horseback riders that buying saddles from our website will be a far more convenient option.

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