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How to clean saddle pad?

When going horseback riding, there are many tools and equipment that you may have to use. At first, a rider may look for a saddle, bridle, reins, stirrups, etc. Secondly, it may occur to them that using a saddle pad will provide several benefits for the horse and the rider as well.

So, it can be pretty easy to choose your saddle pad as plenty of options are available. But it may not be that feasible to clean it as there are different materials of fabric used in the making. Hence, you need to follow a simple procedure that will clean your saddle pad much more easily.

Are you using a saddle pad for horse riding but don’t know how to clean it? Don’t worry; we’ll help you out in the same manner.

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Importance of Clean Saddle Pad

Unlike other tools for horseback riding, cleaning a saddle pad can take too much time. More so, that’s the reason why so many people skip the part of cleaning a horseback saddle. However, it’s not necessary to clean a saddle pad after every use. You can just remove the dust by rubbing it off with a brush; when needed, you can clean it properly.

Over time, dirt and sweat may get collected in the bottom layer of the saddle pad and cause bacteria to develop. Likewise, if left uncleaned for a long, it will cause chaffing to the horse from underneath and other issues. So, by cleaning the saddle pad at every interval, you will protect your horse from any problems.

How to Clean a Saddle Pad?

There are many different types of saddle pads that are preferably used by horseback riders. Some of them may be using a wool or cotton pad, while others may have an approach for thick saddle pads. However, all of these materials require the same amount of cleaning process.

In order to keep your saddle pad clean, there are some steps that you need to follow. Here they are –

1. Place the Saddle Pad on a surface

Before beginning cleaning and washing, you need to do a few things. Likely, you must take out the saddle pad on a clean and dry surface. Then ensure you have the necessary tools like a saddle pad brush, cleaning cloth, stiff brush, etc.

2. Dust off the Debris and Hair

The first and most important thing before washing your saddle pad is to clean it thoroughly. You can use a stiff brush to remove the hair from the underneath side of the saddle pad. In addition, you can use another brush to dust off the debris from the upper part of the saddle pad. More so, you must apply force to remove all the germs from the bottom layer.

3. Wash the Saddle Pad

Once you have dusted off the excess hair and dust from the pad, now you have to give it out for washing. Firstly, you need to soak the saddle pad in hot water so that the excess dust should run off. Secondly, you can add detergent and let it sit there for a few hours.

It’s also necessary that you must do so while keeping in mind the actual quality of material in the saddle pad. Moreover, you cannot soak in a wool saddle pad as it may degrade the quality of the material.

4. Dry it out in the sun

The last step will be to dry your saddle pad in the sunlight. Here, it’s necessary for you to dry it out for at least 3 to 4 days, or else it may remain wet. Furthermore, storing a wet saddle pad may cause it to wear out within a short time.

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How often should you clean a Saddle Pad?

Cleaning and washing a saddle pad is very necessary as it does allow you to use it comfortably during horseback riding. However, you may not be about the duration after which you need to clean your saddle pad. So, here is the thing, cleaning & washing a saddle pad depends upon many factors. They can be as follows –

  • Quality of material used in saddle pad
  • The extremity of grabbing dust particles
  • Depends upon the usage of the rider

Thus, if your saddle pad is very new, you can continue using it for about 2 to 3 weeks and then wash it off. The usage of the saddle pad will primarily mark how long it will be useful during horseback riding.

Bottom Line

After every ride, it’s needed that you should just wipe off the dust from every tool that’s been in use. Whether it can be only a saddle or other equipment like – rider boots, bridle, etc. Moreover, as much attention you pay to cleanliness, it’s going to benefit you during the horseback ride. Furthermore, if there’s anything that you need clarity about, you can consult it with an expert.

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