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Is Horseback Riding a Good Exercise?

Is Horseback Riding a Good Exercise

With every passing day, we are degrading our health and fitness by getting involved in everyday work life. But are we focusing our minds on keeping ourselves healthy? Well, that’s a question that almost every person is asking in today’s time.

Yes, it’s true that sometimes it can get difficult to schedule exercise in our everyday routine. At the same time, it’s very much needed to live a long, stress-free, and healthy life. So, what would you think if we say horse riding is also a great form of exercise? What! Is it so hard to process that horseback riding is a good exercise? Don’t worry; we are going to explain it further down below.

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Horseback Riding Activity

It doesn’t matter if you own a horse; you can still be involved in horseback riding activities as per your interest. Likely, horseback riding is a great exercise that helps us in many ways. The following are the prime benefits of horseback riding –

  • Improves heart health
  • Strengthen Core muscles
  • Work your legs & arms

In short, riding a horse will keep you fit even if you are not indulged in any form of physical exercise. Furthermore, it is one of the most impactful ways to stay productive and yet also have fun simultaneously.

We are definitely not asking anybody to quit their regular gym or yoga classes. But they can also engage in horseback riding for their work along with a little bit of exercise. Moreover, some people are concerned if they’ll be able to deal with a heavy animal like a horse.

Likewise, if you are thinking about how much a horse weighs, well, it again depends on what you are looking to go for. More so, you can ride a horse that weighs about 600 to 800 lbs. Elsewise, they may also weigh between 900 to 1200 lbs. in general.

How is Horseback Riding a good exercise?

If you are someone who is considering starting with horseback riding, just give it a shot. Also, it will be feasible to only ride a horse under an expert’s supervision if you are a new learner. Likewise, it’s not necessary that you can only ride a horse for certain activities like – hunting, dressage or show jumping, etc. Moreover, you can even ride a horse for pleasure as it’s a fun-loving sport.

Here is the list of advantages for people who indulge in horseback riding activities –

1. Help Strengthen Core Muscles

If you are not aware of where your core muscle lies, it’s just above your abdomen. You must have heard fitness experts using the term “engage your core muscles.” It’s basically the muscles that are present in your stomach and lower back area.

If you work on your core muscles, it will critically provide aid in maintaining balance and posture. Furthermore, preventing any reasons to cause lower back pain. More so, a strong core will support your torso and helps you keep up straight.

2. Build your Leg Muscles

As you ride a horse, you engage all your strong muscles to perform the activity. Similarly, your legs stay where they have to work by pressing the muscles to maintain balance while sitting on the horse. Accordingly, your foot stays in the stirrups, but you are working throughout, pressing them up against the horse.

3. Improves Heart Health

When you perform any form of physical activity, the first thing that speeds up is your heartbeats. Similarly, performing cardiovascular exercise is highly essential for good health. But at the same time, it’s also necessary to take your doctor’s advice for future concerns.

4. Works your Arms & Muscles

As stated above, horseback riding involves all your basic muscles that you engage in any other form of physical exercise. So, when you ride a horse, holding the reins in hand is common so that you communicate with the horse effectively. Now, when you pull and grab the reins, you are working out your arms and shoulder, which require great strength. Thus, it will your muscles in that particular area as well.

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Horseback riding is great if you know how to perform it rightly. At the same time, if you are suffering from any physical issue, it’s a must to consult a doctor first and then go for such activities. Likewise, every form of exercise may not be suitable for every body type. Similarly, it’s not necessary that horseback riding will provide the same benefits to every other person.

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