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Horse Tack Supplies for Horseback Riding

Horse Tack Supplies

In the present time, where horse riding has become a popular sport, a lot of people can be heard using the term “horse tack.” Now, to make it understandable for the commoners, horse tack is the universal term for all types of equipment needed for horse riding.

You must have read or heard people using the word “horse tack shop.” It basically resonates with a place where you can buy horse riding equipment, such as – saddle, bridle, harness, reins, bit, rider’s boots, etc.

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About Horse Tack

While looking at different items of horse tack, one might get confused as to which one they need to buy! So, to be on the safer side, you first choose the items that are of high importance in horseback riding. Needless to say, buying horse saddles, bridles and reins will bring comfort & support to the rider.

Some people have this opinion that using horse tack supplies will not be comforting for the horse. However, it’s a popular suggestion by the vets to use equipment that is properly fitted on the horse.

On the other hand, using a saddle for horseback riding will distribute the rider’s weight equally on the horse’s back. Thus, it will be feasible to use the important equipment as it will have a positive impact on the horse and the rider as well.

Using Horse Equipment

In earlier times, horseback riders used to have only the essential parts of horse riding. They were basically using the bridle to have command over the horse and later started using saddles for comfort and support. Likely, the use of other horse riding parts, such as stirrups, harnesses, etc., came after a long time.

Those who are newly starting to ride on horseback have endless options to buy horse tack supplies. However, be sure to only purchase items that are essential for your riding routine. Also, always purchase items that fit you and the horse properly in order to enjoy the ride thoroughly.

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Essential Equipment of Horse Tack

Horse Tack Supplies

With the recent adaptations in the ever-changing marketplace, you get a wide variety of horse tack items to go through! Depending upon your horse riding activity, you can choose the best horse tack items available.

But before you go shopping for tack, make sure you have the detailed list of equipment you require for the activity!

Here are some of the basic horse riding items mentioned with their uses –

  • Saddle – A saddle goes on the back of the horse and allows the rider to stay in comfort during the ride. More so, it’s an essential part of horseback riding activity for all types of riding routines.It helps the rider to stay seated on the horse’s back without any discomfort. In addition, it distributes the rider’s weight equally on the horse’s back and avoids any injury.
  • Bridle – A bridle is a combination piece that consists of a headpiece, bit, and reins. When all these items assemble together, a bridle comes into existence that allows the rider to communicate with the horse. Likewise, they are available in different materials!
  • Reins – While riding the horse, the rider needs to communicate with the horse by using a bridle. However, to connect with the bridle, the rider requires to have reins that attach to the bridle. Furthermore, a set of reins will help the rider to communicate properly with the horse during the ride.
  • Saddle Pad – When a rider requires to make their saddle stay at a firm place, they add a saddle pad underneath. The best thing about the saddle pad is that it acts as a barrier that doesn’t allow the saddle to directly touch the horse’s skin. Hence, they are useful in many ways.
  • Harness – It is more likely used when the horse is applied to pull weight on its back. Thus, adding a harness will allow the horse to pull weight easily without causing discomfort on the shoulder.

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Other Horse Riding Equipment & Tools

As stated above, there’s a wide variety of horse tack equipment in the market. Likewise, you have to be sure which ones you’ll need and which you may not!

While stating that you’ll be required to use every other item of the horse will be wrong. So, it’s important that you only purchase the riding essentials as per your riding routine. Some of the other horse tack equipment involves bits, hackamore, rider’s boots, horseshoes, stirrups, and so on.


When you have to choose the right products for your horse riding activity, it might be impossible to do it all alone. Thus, you can take help from an expert in order to be more aware of the features of every piece of equipment. In addition, you can also check out the products available on the website and buy them online.

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