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Shopping Guide for Leather Horse Saddle Bags!

Horse Saddle Bags

For riding a horse, there are many handy items that you can carry along with the necessities. We all know that it’s important to use a horse saddle while riding a horse. More so, it will protect the rider and the horse and provide them comfort. Also, there are a few additional articles that you can carry along while horse riding.

Horse saddle bags these days are becoming highly popular among riders for various reasons. Apart from its usefulness, you can choose from various options in a horse saddle, depending upon your taste.

About Horse Saddle Bags

Horse Saddle Bags


A horse saddle bag is one that you attach to your saddle to store a few basic essentials while riding the horse. For example, you can carry the following things that you may need – your phone, cameras, light snacks, water bottle, horse grooming tool, first aid kit, etc.

No matter what activity you are involved in for horse riding, you will certainly need a horse saddle bag for various reasons. Even when you are trail riding or going on a cross-country trip, carrying a saddle bag will help you store all the necessary things while riding the horse. In addition, you can buy saddle bags online as per your requirements.

In general, most Western riders tend to use saddlebags as they ride for longer routes. On the other hand, English riders may not want that often require a saddlebag, for they perform in events usually.

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Types of Horse Saddle Bags

different Horse Saddle Bags

Typically, you can find three types of horse saddle bags in the market. Although they all are useful for storing horse riding essentials, they may differ from one another. Also, they have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on how long you carry them around.

They include –

  • Pommel saddle bags: These bags usually hang in the front of the saddle. In addition to the main bag, you’ll also get two medium-sized that are connected to the main one. Many of these bags have a hole so that you can hang them on the horn of your Western saddle.
    As these bags have so much space, you can easily place your water bottle and a few other important items while riding the horse. The only drawback with this saddle bag is that it covers a lot of space and may get in the way of your legs.
  • Cantle Saddle Bags: These saddle bags are small in size and placed right under the back of your saddle. As they are pretty small, you cannot keep many things, or it affects your horse’s movement.
  • Paired Saddle Bags: Now, these are the most traditional form of saddlebags that have been in use for a long time. They can be quite similar to pommel bags; however, they sit at the back of the saddle. Also, you can store a few more things than a pommel bag.

Points to consider before buying a Saddle Bag

Apart from the saddle, some people also prefer to use a saddle bag to carry a few things. You’ll most commonly find saddle bags in various materials, designs, and positions to place on your saddle. Also, they are durable and may stay in the same condition for a long while.

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Here are some factors that you may determine before purchasing your saddle bag –

  • First of all, look for how much space you need to keep your things in your saddle bag. Avoid buying a traditional or pommel bag if you do not require much space. Moreover, you can use a cantle bag to keep 2 to 3 things at the most.
  • The material of the saddle should be leather as it’s durable and will also look good with any type of saddle. It’s important to see if it’s comfortable as it might fall on the horse’s side or back. Also, you can buy a saddle bag that goes with your animal’s coat.
  • Though we all keep a check for comfort while choosing a saddle, sometimes we forget the same thing with the saddle bag. Therefore, it’s a must to check for the animal’s comfort level and then only purchase the bag.


If you are looking to buy a saddle bag, know that you can get one from any popular website. However, if you are also looking to buy a saddle, harness, or other horse-riding equipment, then you can refer to our website for high-quality products.

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