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What are the Different Types of Horse Reins For Sale?

Horse Reins For Sale

We all know riding a horse requires specific equipment and tools for the rider and the horse’s comfort and feasibility. The main components of need will be a saddle, bridle, harness, and reins. Likewise, reins can be the utmost part of horse riding as it helps in communicating with the horse. If you are not so sure about its purchase, it’s better to opt for horse reins for sale.

What is Horse Reins?

Speaking in general terms, reins are a set of straps or ropes that are basically an integral part of horse tack. They are primarily available in the form of leather material and helpful in directing a horse during horse riding. Accordingly, horse reins are attached to the bridle through a bit or noseband. Likewise, it applies direct pressure on the horse’s face and helps to stay on the right track.

It is likely essential to use reins as it helps to communicate directly with the horse during horse riding. Accordingly, using reins will help you adjust the speed, directions, and it’s starting and ending points. In addition, you can also look for horse reins for sale if you are into equestrian sports or similar activities.

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How do Reins work in Horse Riding?

Now that we know the usage of reins in horseback riding let’s move on to how they work! Certainly, the way you hold your reins tells about the controlling part. Often, riders new to this game use too much force on reins during horse riding. However, that disturbs the way and causes pressure on the horse’s mouth and face.

The best way to use reins is by applying light pressure in order to communicate effectively. The English riding discipline certainly requires different reins than that of the Western style of riding. While English reins are joined in-between with a buckle, the Western ones are separate sets of reins. Though these are likely different, they almost work in the same manner.

Types of Reins and their Functioning

Types of Reins

  • Closed Reins: These reins are also known as loop reins and are enclosed with a single buckle at its end. Most probably, it’s valid for both English and Western riding styles.
  • Double Reins: As the name suggests, there is a separate set of two reins – snaffle reins and curb reins. Likewise, riders choose double reins for a double bridle as they are pretty helpful in the polo game.
  • Lead Reins: Now, in this set of reins, you’ll find the third set of reins that is usually a part of the hackamore. You may find such functioning available in North America.
  • Long Reins: There are many other names for long reins, such as – driving lines or long lines. These reins are exceptionally long and help in controlling the cart where the rider sits.
  • Running Reins: These are usually of leather or nylon and get attached to the girth while allowing the horse to run with ease. Likewise, your reins will not fall from their place even when there is too much motion.

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What should be the size of the reins?

There are certain sizes and measurements for using horse reins. Here are a few points that you may follow –

  • Usually, a normal set of English reins will measure about 8 to 9 feet long. More so, you can customize them to be shorter or longer as per your riding requirement.
  • If a child is using the reins for horse riding, it’s apparent that they should be shorter in length. Likewise, they may measure about 5 to 6 feet.
  • It’s a must to choose somewhat loose reins so you can use them with relaxed hands.
  • Generally, a Western rein may measure about 10 feet long. However, it can also be short as 7 to 8 feet, depending upon the rider’s height.

Bottom Line:

Those willing to buy saddles or bridles online must also look for horse reins, as it’s an integral part. You can also refer to our website if you are not sure about what you have to purchase. There is a huge collection of bridles, saddles, and so much other equipment for horse riding at affordable prices.

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