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Horse Browband: Types and Useful Information


Many horse riders are keeping an upgraded touch to their horse riding show by bringing design and glimmer to their equestrian equipment. Though most of the equipment can be designed beautifully, others can be simple yet classy. It is mostly the case with leather saddles especially the ones from the English riding discipline.

If you are buying a horse bridle, surely you’ll require the need of a browband that fits around the horse’s ears. Some people may start looking for the best-designed browband and tend to buy the one that’s ill-fitted. However, if it doesn’t fit properly, there will be no use for it while arranging the bridle.

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What is a Horse Browband?

A browband usually runs from across the forehead of the horse; from one ear to the other. Likewise, it acts as a support system for the bridle and does not allow it to slide up or down from the actual place. There are many types of browbands available and you must purchase them in the correct size.

While you may be using a horse bridle for your riding discipline, it’s not possible to use it without a browband. Whether it’s just a common design browband or has a lot of patterns, you can easily fit them into the bridle for support.

As we know, to ride a horse properly, you may require special tools to make the rider easy and comfortable. Moreover, it will also make the horse feel certainly fine without developing anguish behavior. However, it’s also essential to place every piece of equipment in the right place, or else it will irritate the horse and causes them discomfort. The end result of such uneasiness will be accidental falls and serious injuries to the horse and the rider as well.

Useful Information

  • Every browband comes in different measurements and specific requirements. Likewise, you need to find the one that properly fits your horse’s forehead.
  • The usual length and width of the browband can be 1/4” and 1/8”. Surely you can measure yours and then place the order if you buying it online.
  • Once you have placed the browband at the center, note that it should comfortably cross the forehead of the horse. If the headpiece is too tight at the ears or if there’s too much gapping; it’s likely to cause trouble during horse riding.
  • There can be different varieties of bridles and they all may differ in leather color. Thus, you should buy a browband that goes according to your browband and not otherwise.

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Various Types of  Horse Browband

Various Types Browband

Just like you get various options in other types of horse riding equipment, the same goes with horse browbands. You may get a variety of horse browbands available at reasonable prices if you are purchasing them from our site. Normally, you may come across the following browbands that are popularly used by horse riders. They include –

  • Bling browband
  • Fancy browband
  • U-shaped browband
  • V-shaped browband
  • Dressage browband
  • Sparkly browband
  • Diamond browband

All of these varieties of browbands can be available as padded or non-padded browbands. You can purchase them as per the comfort that your horse requires. There is a large collection of browbands that you can buy online depending on the most suitable ones available.

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Designs and Patterns

While choosing the browband, you may be willing to buy something that’s trendy and stylish. Furthermore, there are many types of designer browbands in every pattern and riding discipline. Also, there are options where you can buy the one that’s most favorable and customize them as per your demands.

In short, a low-maintenance browband that looks good on your horse will be the right choice. However, if you want you can also look for other higher-priced options that are likely to be more stylish and may last for a long life.

Bottom Line

We would say that buying horse riding equipment is easier in the online market. You just have to go through the shop section and check the desirable products that you want to buy. Also, you get a variety of options to choose them without going anywhere.

Most likely, you can easily buy browbands as per your choice from our website as well. All you have to do is take the correct measurements and choose the product accordingly. More so, you can go for customization if that’s suitable for your choice and preference.

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