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Guide to Dressage Riding

Guide To Dressage Riding

Are you someone who is new to dressage riding? Do you know what the actual form of dressage riding is? No! Well, we are here to clear all your doubts about dressage riding. To know more about the matter, make sure you go through the complete guide to dressage riding.

Rather, if you are familiar with dressage racing, you’ll know it dates back to the Renaissance period. More so, if you learn how to ride a horse in dressage, you can ride all other forms of horseback riding. Likely, even if you are into barrel racing and show jumping, trying dressage riding will improve your riding technique.

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Training for Dressage Riding

Riders who are well-versed in riding a horse in a dressage style know it’s a highly significant riding form. Likely, people believe that training your horse as a guide to dressage riding will develop the following qualities in them:

  • Obedience
  • Flexibility
  • Balance

It is also seen that riders who train their horses for dressage riding tend to be more responsive and give quick movements during competition. While talking in specific terms, many riders try new horses in dressage riding. It is likely to determine whether they’ll be able to pick subtle cues and make individual movements independently. Hence, riders training with their horses in dressage riding can perform all sorts of riding disciplines.

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Learning Fundamentals of Dressage Riding

While it may appear to others that the rider just simply sits at the back and the horse makes all the movements, it’s not exactly the same! There are so many things that the rider has to keep in check so that the horse can perform well. As a matter of fact, it’s the teamwork that makes it possible for them to go smoothly throughout.

In order to perform well with your horse in dressage style of riding, it’s important to have these following constants –

  1. Acceptance: It doesn’t matter how good of a rider you are; it’s important for the horse to accept you during the ride. Needless to say, if you are giving a command that the horse doesn’t seem to follow, then it’s not acceptance.
  2. Straightness: The movement of the horse should be such that it must not interfere with the rider’s path. For example, the horse must move in a straight line and know how to circle around as per the command.
  3. Calmness: It’s very important for the horse to attain calmness for dressage riding. Likely, attaining confidence and calm make the horse achieve a score high in dressage riding style.
  4. Forwardness: When the horse is in its right state of mind (mentally and physically), it will have forwardness too. Hence, it can pick cues quickly and move forward with responsiveness.
  5. Purity: When a horse is performing in dressage style of riding, there should be correctness and a natural sense of responsibility. Likely, some horses tend to behave well during the ride, but internally they can be agitated. This, in turn, will degrade their health, both mentally and physically.

These fundamentals are not only necessary for dressage riding style, but they can also apply to other riding routines as well. It will improve the horsemanship of the rider and their relationship with their riding companion.

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Riding in Competitions

If you are willing to take your horse for dressing racing, make sure you know everything about it beforehand. Moreover, your horse is only going to perform well if it’s trained well. So, everything falls on your shoulder.

There are many other forms of horseback riding, but it’s not essential for you to learn them all. However, dressage riding is such basic learning that it will help you in many different ways. Hence, you must know how to train your horse well for the upcoming event.

Bottom Line

If there’s anyone who is likely to know anything less about horse training, they can surely take help from an expert. Similarly, if you require equipment like saddles and bridles, you can look at it through our website. We are selling some of the highly recommended saddles for horseback riding. If you are willing to purchase, make sure you have a look at what we have in store!

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