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English Saddle Fitting Guidelines

English saddle fitting guidelines

Fitting an English Saddle

Though it’s a remarkable statement to say that all saddles are equally effective for horse riding, fitting them correctly is a highly essential task. You can purchase any type of horse saddle, but if they are not fitted well, it will cause discomfort during the ride. Moreover, the signs will not only be negative for the horse but may also result in accidental falls.

While using a correct and mannerly fitting saddle will help, you must purchase the one that’s more suitable for your riding discipline. If the saddle you bought is not in the right position, you can always get help from a professional. Likewise, you may also look forward to hiring a horse trainer or saddle fitter to do the work.

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How does Fit of an English Saddle matter?

It doesn’t matter if you are using an English or Western saddle; each should be placed correctly. If you are looking for a perfectly fitting saddle, always consider that none of the saddles can be the exact size for your horse’s back. Somewhere or the other, you need to adjust it per the horse’s measurement to ride it easily.

Here are a few steps that you can follow for the proper English saddle-fitting guidelines –

  • At least check your saddle’s fitting twice a year. It’s necessary because the horse’s weight may gain or lose over time.
  • Make sure you condition your horse’s saddle every other week so that it stays in perfect condition.
  • If any part of the English saddle needs to be replaced, you can do so without getting a hole in your pocket.

If you look closely, a saddle in the right condition will always comfortably fit on the horse’s back. Also, conditioning them and keeping them away from wear and tear will allow them to increase their life span.

Important Note:

As you look forward to fitting an English saddle on your horse’s back, you for signs and behavior of the horse. While fitting the saddle, you should immediately stop attaching the parts if the horses feel any discomfort. Once the horse gets relaxed, you can continue with the process further.

Guidelines to Fit an English Saddle

We know that fitting an English saddle is the basic requirement for every horse rider. Though there are many types and variations under the English saddles category, the fitting process is almost the same.

Before you begin with the process of fitting the saddle, you should first get your horse out and tie it up to a fence. If you are facing any difficulty, you may get help from someone familiar with handling horses.

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  1. Place the Saddle in the Correct Position:
    The first step is to place the saddle in such a way that it sits perfectly on the horse’s back. If you are simply testing the actual positioning of the saddle, we will request you not use a saddle pad. Hence, simply putting the saddle on the horse’s back will allow you to know the exactness of the saddle’s fitting. In addition, you can also move it back and forth to check whether the saddle is rightly located.
  2. Check the Wither Clearance:
    Those using a new saddle must first seek the padding and stuffing of their English saddle. Hence, you must check for enough space between the pommel and the withers of the horse. On the other hand, if the saddle is too flat on the horse’s back, it means it’s covering too much space.
  3. Check for Pommel and Cantle alignment:
    Now, as the saddle is properly sitting on the horse’s back; further you can check for the saddle’s side view. With just a straight look, you have to see if the pommel and cantle are in proper alignment.
    For instance, you just have to ensure that the saddle’s seat sits comfortably on the horse’s back. In addition, also check it’s neither too high nor too low in its range.
  4. Confirm the Saddle’s stability:
    It’s essential to check the saddle’s stability so that it does not slide back and forth on the horse. Even if your English saddle fit is the correct size, ensure its straps are in place. Likewise, you can take help from a saddle expert as they can help in eliminating the issue.
  5. Be sure of the seat length:
    The seating area is the maximum space of the most importance on a horse saddle. It’s where the rider is sitting and bear its’ weight on the horse. Similarly, checking with the seat will help confirm the space the rider covers on the horse’s back.


While confirming the English saddle fitting of your horse, it’s essential that you also go for its maximum bearing area. As you go through English saddle fitting guidelines, it’ll become clear to know the do’s and don’ts while it’s an adjustment. Hence, you can always buy English saddles from us, and we’ll take your order as it is. In addition, you can also tell us about any customizations that you want on the saddle.

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