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What are the Different Types of Horse Saddles?

Different Types of Horse Saddle

We all know how important a saddle is for the sport of horse riding. Even if you are not using your horse for dressage or jumping riding discipline, it’s essential to use a saddle for many safety reasons.

In short, your saddle is the essential equipment for any sort of riding discipline. When you buy saddles online, they are not there just for your safety; using a saddle also provides comfort to the rider and the animal. In addition, using a saddle delivers more support to the rider in order to maintain a balanced position on the back of the horse.

If you are looking to buy a Horse saddle online, a variety of options are available. Some people may be willing to look for different shapes, sizes, and designs of the saddle. Moreover, while searching for the right saddle, you must also look for the horse and the rider’s convenience.

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Categories of Saddle

Categories of Saddless


There are two prime categories of horse saddle – English saddle and Western saddle. While comparing, English saddles are in close contact with the horse and the rider rather than Western saddles. Also, there are wide varieties of both saddles in the market if you know the right features as per your riding discipline.

As per the expert’s recommendation, you must get the correct saddle measurements for your horse before purchasing it. Also, you must inform the saddler about your riding discipline, so there’s no confusion in the future.

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Different Types of Horse Saddles –

    • General Purpose Saddle: The other name of the saddle is famous as the eventing saddle. This saddle is ideal for beginner and intermediate riders as it’s suitable for most forms of riding discipline. More so, they are stable, and the rider can accommodate jumping, dressage, and other similar forms of horse riding.
    • Dressage Saddle: Now, these saddles are specifically designed for advanced riders. The design and structure of the saddle are lightweight, thin material, and provide close contact with the horse for better commands and movements. To say the least, these saddles are there to enhance the traditional straight and upright position of the torso in dressage discipline.
    • Jumping Saddle: When you are looking forward to buying a jumping saddle, know that it has pretty similar aspects to a dressage saddle. The best feature of a jumping saddle is that it pushes the rider a little forward for good command over the horse. Also, it allows them to move freely over the fences while going for a race or any similar discipline.
    • Hunting Saddle: As the name suggests, these saddles are helpful in hunting and are most popular in English countries. The saddle design is so that the rider will feel free to sit on the horse’s back for long hours. Thus, you can purchase it online as per your requirement.
    • Side Saddle: The main reason for including a side saddle was that women in the early times wore a skirt while riding the horse. So, for their convenience, side saddles came into existence and allowed them to sit on the horse without crossing their legs. Likewise, the saddle features include two pommels and a horn.
    • Racing Saddles: A racing saddle is mainly available in lightweight material, so it does not interfere with the horse’s racing style. The structure of the seat is flat, and it helps the rider not to be deeply seated. It is so because during the racing discipline, you may have to jump and staying deeply seated will make it difficult for the rider to jump.
    • Treeless Saddles: As the name suggests, these saddles do not have any trees underneath the saddle. Likewise, they are more flexible and come with extra padding, a smaller pommel and a leather covering. Henceforth, they are more lightweight as they do not have any weight of the wood that counts with the saddle’s tree. In addition, a treeless saddle makes the rider stay in close contact with the horse during the ride.
    • Australian Saddles: It is the saddle that’s useful for horseback riders who are looking forward to staying longer on the horse’s back. Now, there can be various categories of saddles that may come under Australian Saddles. In addition, they provide extra security to the rider with their – deep seating, higher pommel, strong horn and extra padding around the knees.

What’s the use of a Horse Saddle?

The leading working of a saddle is to function appropriately in accordance with proper structure and form. In general, an ill-fitting saddle can cause harm to the horse. Also, to the rider and may result in poor performance. In comparison, many of you may consider buying a dressage saddle. One of the most famous saddles is the all-purpose saddle. Also, it’s the most popular and versatile product in the category of English saddles.

Let’s say that you are using an all-purpose saddle. The most important feature of the saddle is that it has a forward flap that’s suitable for short stirrup. More so, it’ll help in jumping; though it may not be too far in front, it’s ideal for the rider.

Fitting of a Horse Saddle

Yes, it does matter what saddle type you are choosing for horse riding. But also, it’s essential to have the proper fit of horse saddle for the rider and the horse. If you have no idea about the appropriate saddle fitting, feel free to get help from a professional. Remember, only a correctly fitted saddle will bring comfort, support, and stability to both the rider and the horse.

There’s always an option for custom-designed saddles for every individual’s demand. It certainly depends on how the customer wants their saddle and what appears. However, if you want some minor adjustments with the saddle that you are buying online, it can be easily accessible to you.

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