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Common Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes

Horse Riding Mistakes

While horse riding may be a fun sport, some people find it challenging initially. Nonetheless, there are many people who are keenly interested in horse riding. But as they face a few downsides of horse riding, it will be difficult for them to go on another try.

We believe horse riding is a great activity you can indulge in at any age. Some parents start teaching their kids at a young age about their physical strength. Therefore, you can be a pro at horse riding with regular practice. All you need to do is follow the advice of an expert and stay safe as you ride! Also, you can learn to avoid a few Horse Riding mistakes while start riding.

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7 Common Horse Riding Mistakes by Beginners:

Here, you can go through seven common mistakes that beginners make during horse riding. Also, you can mark them out and not repeat those mistakes when you are riding on the horse’s back.

1. Avoiding Safety Measures:

Yes, we know how tempting it will be for anyone who’s going on their first horse ride. However, it’s also essential to consider your safety measures first. The first and foremost important step is to always wear a helmet while getting on the horse’s back.
It doesn’t matter how much you trust your horse or how good of a horse rider you might be. Yet, wearing a helmet and other safety equipment for horseback riding is always essential. Likewise, it keeps you safe from brain injury or accidental falls.

2. Getting Nervous and Tense:

Most rider gets nervous while going horse riding for the first time. Moreover, it can be a troubling experience for many as they are already riding an animal that needs control. Therefore, getting nervous will make them anxious and cause fear, resulting in an accidental fall from the horse’s back.

3. Grabbing the reins too tight:

It’s human nature that we grab onto something tightly whenever we are in fear. However, gripping the reins with much pressure will cause discomfort to the horse. As a result, the animal may feel suffocated and may not be willing to follow the rider’s command.
Also, some people hold the reins too high and loosen up so much that they may get caught in other accessories. Hence, it’s always advisable to balance the reins and contact the horse while riding it slow or fast.

4. Putting too much pressure on legs:

In order to provide grip and pressure for protection, there is already a Horse saddle that you can use effectively. Some riders put more pressure on the horse by holding onto it so tightly that they start getting irritated.

While holding the horse too tight with your leg can be dangerous; instead, it’s all about how you balance and maintains your core strength. Thus, pay attention to your posture and other important aspects for using the reins in the right term.

5. Feet too much into the stirrups:

It is a common horse riding mistake with the newest riders as they shove their feet too much into the stirrups. More so, it can be uncomfortable for the rider as well as the horse as well. Most people do not think that when they fall, keeping their foot deep into the stirrups can be dangerous. Let’s say you are riding your horse, and suddenly fall from such a height. The danger will be when you are unable to take out your foot from the stirrup as you have shoved it too much inside it. Thus, you can be dragged along the way until the horse stops, which can cause serious injuries.

6. Looking around too much:

Going around the track is essential before you set foot on the horse’s back. However, looking around too much while riding the horse may not be a good idea at all. Many people undergo injury as they fall from the horse’s back while looking here and there. Thus, it will distract them from the actual track and not give full-proof directions to the horse.

7. Holding Breath while riding:

Yes, it’s common for people to be nervous as first-timers, so they may be holding their breath to stay in good posture. However, doing the same thing every time may not be a good option for any person. In addition, keeping such a habit will make you feel light-headed while riding the horse, which can be dangerous!

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Final Thoughts –

We all must be willing to try horse riding if we haven’t by now! It’s such a relaxing feeling and great exercise that so many people are indulging in this sport as much as they can. In general, beginning your first horse ride can be overwhelming, but following the safety measures is equally important. Henceforth, regular practice will make you even more perfect in the sport.

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