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Camarillo White Horse Breed

Camarillo White Horse Breed

There are many different breeds of horses available throughout the world. It doesn’t matter in which country you are; with the easy availability of transportation, now you may ride any horse you like. Hence, this makes it feasible for horseback riders to enjoy their rides, preferring any breed suitable for their riding discipline.

One such popular breed of horse is Camarillo White Horse. They are highly in demand for their unique white cote that looks royal and elegant on the outside. More so, they are very rare in number, and their existence counts for around 100 years only. Likewise, there are many other interesting facts to learn about the Camarillo White horse; you can read them further.

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About Camarillo White Horse

As stated above, Camarillo White Horse does not have a long history. The reason they came into existence was when Adolfo Camarillo purchased a young stallion horse in 1921. They named the horse “Sultan” for it was a pure white color breed. Later, the same family kept breeding the horse, which was named after their surname.

The first and the most important way to identify a Camarillo White horse is that they have a pure white color coat. It will be more clear to say that a Camarillo horse comes with pink skin over which you can see pure white hairs/fur. In addition, they remain white throughout their lives, which is not common among other gray and dark-colored horses.

Basic Characteristics of Camarillo White Horse

While many horse riders and owners take Camarillo for its unique color, there is a lot more than distinguishing the basic characteristics of the horse.

Some of the distinctive physical features of the horse include the following –

  • Compact & Refined Build Physique
  • Strong Limbs
  • Expressive Face
  • Large Eyes
  • Laid-Back Shoulders
  • Well-arched Neck
  • Defined Withers

All these features constitute the basic features of a Camarillo White horse. Also, it’s true that pure white color is not easy to achieve as there is only a 50% chance of producing white offspring using two white horses. So, that’s why there is such a scarcity of Camarillo White horses and their higher prices.

History of Camarillo White Horses

While looking back at the history of Camarillo White horses, we know that they don’t long back for centuries. In fact, the first Camarillo white horse dates back to 1921, as stated above. Since then, many people have been involved in producing White offspring, which is only a 50% chance.

Earlier, when it was Adolfo Camarillo who bred and owned the white horse category; later, it was under the guidance of his daughter. However, after the death of her daughter in 1987, these horses were given for public auction. Furthermore, the tradition ended, and now the horses can be owned and bred by other people.

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Distinguish the Horse Breed

By now, it must be clear that Camarillo White Horses are not some different category of horses. More so, they are pure in their form as they are unique in their coat color. So, if you come across any pure white bred horse, learn to know more about its breed, for it can be one of the rarest horses in the world.

Today, these hoses are in demand for their unique features and color. Similarly, you may see them used in parades and other such events. Likely, using such extremely rare horses for ranching and other events will not be a good treat. Hence, that’s why they are so exclusive only to those who can truly afford them.


If there’s anything that needs to be clarified, then it’s the breed and its use in the present time. Moreover, you may or may not own them, but if you come across one, make it necessary to ride them at least once. Also, if you require horseback riding equipment, we have some of the best deals on our website. Hence, you can purchase them from and enjoy your ride safely.

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