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Bitless Bridles and Hackamore: Are they Different?

Bitless Bridles & Hackamore Are they Different

Well, in equestrian riding, only a few know much about tools and equipment that are useful in horseback riding. In general, it’s almost impossible to keep knowledge about everything, so there are experts in every field. The same goes for different tools used in various activities of horseback riding.

If you are someone who is inclined towards showing more concern for the animals, a bitless bridle will be your prime choice. But the matter gets confusing as there are so many styles and variations among different classes of bitless bridles. So, let’s start with the general information and move on to further explanation.

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What is a Bit?

As you know, various tools, equipment, and accessories are involved in horseback riding activity. In the same manner, using a bit allows the rider to have a direct connection with the horse.

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When you ride a horse, you use a bridle that sits on the horse’s head. One such important piece of a bridle is a bit that’s placed inside the horse’s mouth. Moreover, there are reins that go inside the outer ring of the bit, and the rider pulls it to give the command. Hence, the whole functioning of the bridle and the bit makes the horse move in definite directions.

Can I use a Bitless Bridle?

In the current time, you’ll come across horse owners and riders who took the initiative to go for a bit less movement. It simply states that using a bridle does not require a bit of communicating with the horse during the ride. It will likely be suitable for the horse as it does not make them comfortable.

Furthermore, you can absolutely go for a bitless bridle for your riding routine. All you have to be sure about is choosing a bitless bridle or a hackamore. Needless to say, they are similar in use, yet they also differ in many aspects. Furthermore, you can read below and understand the criteria for buying the best bridle for horse riding.

Hackamore & It’s use

It can be quite relieving for horseback riders to know that a hackamore is very similar to a bitless bridle. Accordingly, it works by applying pressure on the – nose and chin area of the horse. Likely, it will not be applying any sort of pressure inside the horse’s mouth, which is in common with the traditional use of a bridle.

Some people think that hackamore is not as effective as a usual bridle as it does not have a bit to control the horse. However, fitting a hackamore correctly will allow you to handle the horse with much ease. Furthermore, it allows the horse to stay at comfort with the use of a bit that goes inside the mouth.

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Types of Hackamore

There can be different types of hackamore that you may put to use as per your convenience. The common ones can be as follows –

  1. Mechanical Hackamore: It is likely to say that these types of hackamore can be used along with English and Western riding disciplines. More so, the working of this bitless bridle is almost the same as a curb bit, without including the mouthpiece. Now, it depends upon the rider’s hand movement and how much pressure they’ll be willing to apply.
  2. Jumping hackamore: As the name suggests, these hackamore devices are more useful for horseback riding activities, including going over the fences. The features of this bitless bridle are useful for communicating softly with the horse. More so, you need not apply much pressure as they inherit direct force on the applied area.
  3. Sidepulls: Another category of the bitless bridle that consists of bosal in combination. Likely, they cannot be truly categorized under a hackamore as well. Here, the reins get attached directly to the noseband and the rider has to use them accordingly. As a matter of fact, these types of devices are more common in young and untrained horses.

Now, if you wonder whether bitless bridle is better than hackamore, then it’s not. However, the use of bitless bridles will be more gentle than that of a hackamore. At the same time, it depends upon the rider’s choice according to the riding discipline they will perform.

Why Go Bitless!

The simplest and the most important reason for using a bitless bridle is that it’s not cruel for the horse. Unlike most traditional bridle options, a bitless bridle and hackamore do not go inside the horse’s mouth. Furthermore, it will disallow the horse to feel uncomfortable due to the continued pressure exerted on the inner side.

Thus, there are many horseback riders who are considering using a bitless bridle as it’s a safer option. It is likely that horses do not show any signs of discomfort or resistance with a bitless bridle. Hence, you can purchase them online or from a nearby tack store.

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