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Best Ranch Saddle

About Ranch Saddle:

Ranch saddle is a popular type of Western saddle that’ is also commonly known as an all-around saddle. The design of these saddles is as such that it will provide comfort along with making it easy to move in with your horse.

Likewise, the saddle can be helpful for multi-purpose tasks that any rider may require for horse riding activities. Henceforth, it’s a convenient option for riders and cowboys who have to sit all day in the horse’s back for long rides. That’s why they are structured to provide maximum comfort to the rider and the horse as well.

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Are all Western Saddles the same in design?

For anyone who has a deep knowledge of what Western saddles look like, it will be easy for them to differentiate between each category. There are many variations in design, equipment, history of use, and what horses will each be suitable. Overall, there is a whole lot of world under the Western saddle category. Thus, they are different in styles, riding discipline, and method of making or structure.

If we talk in particular, every Western horse saddle differs in several aspects. They include –

  • Saddle strings (depending on their length)
  • Horn wrap
  • Breast collars
  • Back cinch
  • Leather covers

All these may be optional, but they may vary depending upon what is the rider’s discipline. Possibly, most horseback riders may choose a ranch saddle as it’s best for different riding disciplines. Also, they come in numerous forms, so you will have a variety of options to choose from.

Various Types of Ranch Saddle

We all must be familiar with the top two categories of horse saddles – English saddle and Western saddle. Under these sub-classes of the saddle, you can have various options as per your horse riding disciplines.

More so, a ranch saddle is also a sub-category of Western saddles that are designed to help riders with specific tasks. You may have a look at different types of these saddles and purchase the one that’s more suitable for the job.

Roping saddles are likable and suitable for different types of horse training routines. People often prefer to use them as they provide better comfort for long hours and roping the reins.

Another category is cutting saddle that does not interfere with the rider’s work routine. A ranch cutter saddle features include a deep seat and high horn (covered with braid) that provides a better grip to the rider.

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Ranch Cutter Saddle:

ranch cutter saddle

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This type of saddle is one that comes in a beautiful design and is versatile to perform everyday activities. Usually, a ranch cutter saddle is on the heavy side and comes with a narrow seat and a straight skirt. Furthermore, these features will allow the rider to stay comfortable for long hours.

The primary purpose of a ranch cutter saddle is to keep the rider in place while allowing free movement to the horse. Moreover, a ranch-cutting saddle has a tall and strong horn that riders may use for roping. Likewise, it can be a great option for trail riding work and other similar tasks.

Ranch Roping Saddle:

Ranch Roping Saddle


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These saddles are particularly made tough, heavy, and durable for their field of work. Similarly, their structure is laid upon a strong tree so that they can handle the pressure accordingly. Likewise, most riders prefer a ranch roping saddle for free movement without letting anything come in their way.

The standard features of a ranch roping saddle include the following –

  • Lower back
  • Lower cantle
  • Best positioning seat
  • Deep stirrups
  • Tall horn

All these features play their role with equal importance. In addition, these saddles come with a longer skirt that’s double the size in normal terms.

What elements to consider before buying a Ranch Saddle online?

If you are really looking to buy a quality saddle, you can definitely pick that up from our site. Most of these types of saddles may appear the same, so it’s better to look for the outstanding features in a go!

It’s affordable to buy the best ranch saddle online rather than from a local store.

Here are some of the points that you can consider in a ranch saddle –

  • Saddle’s weight – Make sure the saddle has the right proportionate weight and is durable at the same time.
  • Seat – Try and find a saddle that has a low seat. More so, it will provide maximum comfort and better communication with the horse.
  • Horn – It’s a must to check the horn that should be tall and thick so that it provides sturdiness.
  • Fenders – It’s a must to check for fenders as they should hang at the proper position for the correct placement.
  • Rigging – It’s important to choose a saddle that comes with double rigging. More so, it provides maximum strength and comfort to the horse during pulling.

Final Thoughts:

If you are buying a ranch saddle for the first time, know that looking for the perfect one can be troublesome. Therefore, a little help from the saddler or an expert will make it easy for you to select your desirable saddle. Also, you can buy a saddle from at the best price range!

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