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Best Horse Breeds for Kids

Best Horse Breeds for Kids

We all know that riding a huge animal like a horse requires specialized training and skills. So, if you are simply asking what the best horse breeds for kids are, then let us tell you there isn’t one. It further means that your kid is supposed to ride a horse only under an expert’s supervision.

Likely, you can still get them horses that are of average height and friendly nature. Many young children are getting involved in horseback riding activities as it’s a fun sport. Yet, they can only perform it safely when given the proper attention and training before going for horseback riding activity. More so, here we are going you inform you about some of the famous horse breeds that are comparatively a better choice for children in younger age groups children.

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Horseback Riding Activity for Kids

Before getting on the horse’s back, are you aware it can be dangerous if you do not abide by the rules? Indeed, it’s not supposed to mean that you need to read an entire book. However, practicing horseback riding requires you to follow the advice of an expert from the same field. Moreover, if it can be dangerous for adults, it’s likely to cause more harm to younger people.

Being careless during horseback riding may cause injuries that can be severe. Needless to say, young age children who fall from a horseback ride can damage their skulls and cause fractures or other problems. At the same time, learning horseback riding at a young age will improve the skills of the person over the years. Furthermore, they just need to be careful and follow the instruction of a trained professional.

Best Horse Breeds for Kids

If there’s anything that you need to be sure about before purchasing a horse for a kid, it’s that you can’t let them ride the same horse as yours. Until you do not have a well-behaved horse, it’s better to find them something more suitable.

Here are some of the popular Horse Breeds for kids riding activities –

1. Miniature Horse

These are one of the most fun-loving horses for many reasons. Firstly, they are easy to handle for their shorter size and can be quite loving with the children. The height of these horses will be around 35 to 40 inches. Similarly, they’ll weigh around 150 to 300 pounds or above. In short, they have a muscular build even with short size and are quite similar to other large horses.

2. American Quarter Horse

Now, these horses may not be that short in height, but they are among the very well-behaved breeds of horses. Likely, they are popular for many reasons, such as versatility and good behavior with humans. Also, they stand at an average height of about 55 to 65 inches. More so, they have muscular bodies, deep chests,s, and flat profile features.

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3. Shetland Pony

As we know, ponies are horses with small heights and cute profiles. Similarly, the Shetland pony has become a popular choice among children for their fun personality. On the other hand, they are powerful enough to carry young children’s weight on their backs and go for a ride.

Likewise, some of them can be extremely stubborn and may not follow their rider’s command. So, they still require supervision before you let your kid ride the horse. In general, these ponies may range between a height of 28 to 45 inches tall. Also, they have a compact build physique and may weigh about 400 to 450 pounds.

4. Morgan

These horses are highly popular for being family horses. Especially if you are a new rider, you can certainly go for a ride on this, and it will be highly pleasing. Their best features include – cooperative nature, socializing with others, and being very loveable. Accordingly, they are very much common among children as they can manage them easily. The height of this horse will be approximately 55 to 60 inches with a weight of 900 to 950 pounds.

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Surely, apart from these, there can be many other best Horse Breeds for kids that can be feasible for kids to ride. However, there can also be some other breeds that you must avoid for young children, for they can be extremely aggressive. To know more about this matter, you can confirm it with an expert. On the other hand, if you require equipment for horseback riding, you may definitely refer to our website.

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