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Best Breeds of Dressage Horses

Best Breeds of Dressage Horses

When talking about dressage horse riding activity, know that it’s the finest form of training your horse for horseback riding. Even if you are considering riding the horse for any other activity, teaching them the basic of dressage racing will make them efficient in making movements.

So, if you want your horse to respond to the slightest clue from the rider, then dressage training is a must. Here, we will inform you about the best breed of dressage horses you can own.

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Dressage Riding: In Horseback Riding

For those who are not much familiar with horseback riding and its various activities, dressage is one of the highest forms of all training. While learning this form, your horse will be able to attain excellent skills for horseback riding.

The best thing about learning and training your horse for dressage is that they can respond to quick clues from the rider. Likely, a single command from the rider will be picked up within seconds by the horse. Certainly, it displays the intelligence of the horse as to where they need to react very quickly.

Accordingly, there is no hard and fast rule to get accustomed horses to perform dressage. However, there are some breeds that perform better than others. Furthermore, you can read below to know the breeds that are the best choice for dressage riding.

Breeds of Dressage Horses

If you are a beginner in dressage horseback riding activity, know that you can try any horse now. But if you continue riding in the same event, that’s when you may look to buy a special dressage horse.

Here they are –

1. Trakehner

One of the most attractive, great build, and good attitude horses breed is the Trakehner. They move in such a way that it will be hard not to look at them. Moreover, they have a good temperament and stand at the height of 17 hands. At the same time, these horses can be attained by anymore – amateur learners and even pro-level riders.

2. Friesian

These are one of the oldest breeds of horses and are highly domesticated in Europe and nearby areas. A Friesian is majorly known for its elegant black color and long tail. Likely, they look super amazing when running in dressage races as they lift their knees high enough. More so, they stand 16 hands tall, are extremely strong, and have friendly behavior.

3. Danish Warmblood

Talking about the warmblood breeds, they are particularly referable as dressage horses. Similarly, Danish Warmblood is also the first choice for dressage performance. They have a strongly built physique, yet they move smoothly as they are gait horses. In addition, these horses are extremely social and maintain a good partnership with their riders.

4. Westphalian

Westphalian is an incredible horse breed that’s at a high place in the Olympics and dressage events. They keep a subtle behavior and are extremely eager to please humans around. Likewise, their physical aspects consist of – a strong athletic build and an average height of 16 hands.

5. Hanoverian

Another warmblood breeds that comes as the oldest one is Hanoverian. Riders mainly count on them as they are highly reliable and have an extremely fit physique. More so, they show a great attitude during dressage performances. In addition, they last longer during the race when comparing them with other breeds.

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All of the above-listed horse breeds have a high possibility of competing and winning in dressage racing. However, if you do not have an exclusive horse for dressage, you can absolutely train them for the same. Likely, training horses with care and attention will prepare them for dressage riding.

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