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Barrel Racing Saddle : A Brief Introduction

Barrel Racing Saddle

If you could look closely enough, any Western saddle that you see in the market has a slight difference in its making process. Some of them can be totally different, like Show saddle, whereas others can be very strong and tough on the upper side.

People who are looking to purchase a Western saddle can re-confirm which saddle they require. There are a variety of Western saddles that can be useful for different horse riding disciplines. While many riders prefer to look for endurance saddles or all-around saddles, there is a high demand for Barrel racing saddles in the United States.

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 Let’s know about Barrel Racing Saddle.

Barrel Racing Saddle
A racing saddle is one that’s specifically designed for competing in barrel racing patterns along with your horse. The structure of a barrel racing saddle is such that it provides comfort to the horse and the rider during the race.

By looking closely at the barrel saddle, you’ll see that the swells are prominent, and you can use them while going around the barrels. In this type of saddle, the horn is set a little forward, which allows the rider to grab it for balance.

Other features of barrel racing saddle include –

  • They have a higher cantle, allowing the rider to sit more securely during sharp turns.
  • The texture of the seat is a little rough but does not let the rider move out of place during the ride.

What’s the basic importance of a barrel racing saddle?

As we have already mentioned, barrel racing saddles are designed to provide support, comfort, and safety to the rider during sharp turns. Similarly, they hold the rider in place and allow them to stay stable during barrel racing.

If you are buying a barrel saddle for the first time, there can be many things you may not know. Specifically, the functioning of each part and how they are helpful during barrel racing activity.

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Here are some essential parts and their functioning in a barrel racing saddle –

Barrel Racing Saddle Parts

  • Deep Seat – It holds the rider in place and allows them to stay on their seat during sharp turns.
  • High Horn – They are there not for roping but it allows the rider to have grip and support.
  • Saddle Skirt – They are round in shape and relatively lightweight, so there’s no reason for the horse to slow down. More so, a short skirt will decrease the weight that may fall on the horse’s back.
  • Thick Swells – It will be feasible for riders to have thick swells, which help them to hook their knees underneath.
  • Rough textured seat – Most commonly, you’ll come across leather seats that are highly textured to give a complete look. Also, they allow the rider to have more grip to avoid accidental falls.

In addition, a barrel racing saddle is modeled with a hip-hugger ridge that helps in keeping the rider seated. Likewise, if you consider getting Western saddles for sale, you may purchase them online at a reasonable price.


While saying the least, a barrel saddle is quite practical in its functioning as it provides more support. Also, they can be quite stylish and eye-catching as they are available in different colors and fabrics.

Want to know if you can buy them online? Of course, you can! Just select the desired product you want to buy, and check its length and width per your horse’s measurement. Henceforth, you can place an order on our site without having any doubt about the same.

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