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Are Saddles Not Good for Horses?

Are Saddles Not Good for Horses

You might have been thinking about learning horse riding for a while, and finally, you are doing so and even learning quickly enough. Now, there’s something that you may require at the beginning, which is a horse saddle. Even if you own a horse or not, having a perfect fitting for your horseback riding will be worth the effort.

If someone asks, “saddle not good for horses,” the answer will be a direct “no” because there are several benefits of using a horse saddle. On any occasion of horseback riding, it’s essential to carry a saddle along for various reasons. More so, you can read it in this article which will help in further assigning a saddle for your horse!

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Importance of Horse Saddle for Horses

Importance of Horse Saddle

Let’s say you are riding a horse without a saddle. Now, the first thing would be the comfort of the rider and the horse. Sitting on the horse’s back without a saddle will be truly uncomfortable for both parties!

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Secondly, the use of a saddle is necessary because it will evenly distribute the weight of the rider on the horse’s back. Otherwise, if you are not using a saddle, even a 14-year-old kid will feel twice its actual weight on the horse’s back.

Are Horse Saddles Bad for Horses?

No, saddles are not bad for the horse if you are using them correctly. The very first thing for a correctly fitted saddle is that it must sit properly on the horse’s back. Its basic requirement is that the saddle tree should be comfortable enough for the horse as it touches its skin.

Just above the tree sits the main part of the saddle, which is the seat. It is usually covered with leather material and stretched out till the end of the saddle. Additionally, the saddle is padded with wool or cotton to cushion the seat. Likewise, it will make the ride comfortable for the horse and rider.

Accordingly, the best way to make the saddle comfortable and safe for both the rider and the horse is by checking its fitting. If the saddle is too big for the horse, it will not evenly distribute the weight and cause discomfort for the horse. Moreover, resulting in abnormal behavior of the horse during the ride.

Why Should a Person Stops Bareback Riding?

Bareback Riding

There are several reasons why bareback horse riding is not likable by most people. Some of the points that you may also agree with include the following –

  • It may cause pain to the horse’s back and also can be discomforting for the rider.
  • The rider must take caution, and they may not stay stable while on the horse’s back.
  • Most riders are adults, and their weight may not be appropriate for the horse.
  • If you are sitting on the horse’s back for too long with a saddle, it will undoubtedly damage your muscles or cause an injury.

It’s not that you can’t ride a horse without a saddle. But, it’s better to use a saddle for long routes for feasible horseback riding activities.

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How Should a Saddle Fit?

As far as we have discussed in the above article, using a saddle will be comfortable for your horse in many aspects. Similarly, the proper fit of the saddle is essential as not all of them will be comfortable for every horse. Likewise, fitting the saddle as per the shape of your horse’s back is equally essential. Hence, using a correctly fitted horse saddle will simultaneously ensure the safety of the horse and rider.


Now, as you know about the importance of horse saddles, it must be relieving to know they are not unsafe. If you were concerned with the buckles and straps, then let us just tell you that they are to provide safety while placing the saddle.

To assure you, the saddles are practically useful, and you can use them as per your riding disciplines. Also, it would be appreciated if you could take care of your horse saddles and keep it clean to avoid infections.

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