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All Purpose English Saddle

Looking to Buy All Purpose Saddle!

Many new horse riders want to buy saddles that can do it all. Buying an all-purpose English saddle will bring them comfort and mobility. At the same time, we recommend buyers always go with an expert before purchasing a saddle online. Likewise, it’s also essential to check whether the saddle you are looking to buy fits your purpose.

Some riders may not know what they should look for! Indeed, they can choose to go for an All-purpose saddle as it’s the most popular for its practical use.

On the other hand, riders who have been using dressage saddles for years may not find an all-purpose saddle worth it. Therefore, you should always consider looking for other options before you come up with a final decision.

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What is the use of an All-Purpose Saddle?

All-Purpose Saddle

An All-Purpose horse saddle is a likable tool for those using it as a standard saddle for all types of horse riding activities. If you are not concentrating on a single riding discipline, then you may willingly buy an all-purpose saddle as a good option.

You might be looking for different options if you have to participate in different sports activities. Similarly, buying an all-purpose saddle will be more suitable than searching for another saddle for various riding disciplines.

Top Most Popular: All-Purpose English Saddle

All-Purpose English Saddle

There are various options to choose from if you are looking for an all-purpose English saddle. You’ll come across manufacturers selling quality saddles at a high price. Thus, you have to find affordable ones of high quality at the same time.

First, you need to view and compare the prices of the best all-purpose English saddles that professionals use. Secondly, remember that the prices of the saddles may fluctuate depending on their material. For example – pure leather saddles will be at a high price, whereas synthetic or faux leather products will be available at a comparatively low price range.

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Here is the list of the most popular All-Purpose Saddles:

1.  Henri de Rivel Vegan-X All-Purpose English Saddle

It is a general-purpose saddle that’s easy to afford for most horse riders. The material of the saddle is non-leather and afterward it’s easy to clean and store.


  • Lightweight and smooth
  • Easy to store
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easy to ride


  • Not so durable
  • Synthetic material

2.  Arena All Purpose Saddle

Now, this one is an equal weight distributing saddle, a unique equipment quality. More so, it won’t put pressure on the horse in one place and further provides an easy ride. In addition, it’s a beautiful leather saddle that’s definitely eye-catching for most horse riders.


  • Easy to change gullet
  • High-quality European leather
  • Equal weight proportion
  • Ultimate CAIR cushioning


  • High price saddle
  • Comes with moveable knee blocks

3.  Kincade Leather All-Purpose Saddle

It comes with memory foam, making the seating more comfortable for the rider. All in all, it’s an excellent saddle for use at a reasonable price!


  • Airflow padded flaps
  • Highly durable
  • Best in price
  • Provides comfort with memory foam


  • Not a desirable color for event riding
  • It can be hard at first usage
  • The foam may degrade over time

4.  Wintec 500 – All-Purpose English Saddle

It’s a highly popular English saddle that has adapted to new improvements in making saddles. Likewise, the material of its making is non-leather which makes it range an affordable price.


  • Easily changeable gullets
  • Comes with a CAIR cushion panel
  • Stability with Y girth
  • Affordable price


  • Synthetic leather
  • Wear-off quickly
  • Not durable


In simple saying, the best saddle (no matter what category) is the one that fits you and your horse perfectly well. Either you are looking to buy a specific saddle for jumping, dressage, etc., or you want one that fits all. The one you buy should be within your budget and also fulfill your saddle requirement.

It’s not a compulsion to buy an expensive piece of the saddle. Moreover, you can choose the one that’s available at pocket-friendly prices and is durable. Because, unlike other horse riding equipment, you may not be able to purchase a saddle every year as it’s a bit costly.

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