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6 Tips to Improve your Horse’s Health

Horse’s Health

While looking for the best breed of horses, some people often forget that they must be treated with such good care. It is likely to suggest that you must keep good health no matter what breed of horse you own/ride.

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Some horse owners believe that feeding prime-quality food to their horses will improve their natural digestive system. Well, it is somewhat true, but that can’t be applied in every case. So, as horses tend to get mature with time, they require to eat more nutritious food for proper health. Hence, it will impact their – age, weight, stress levels, and the load of work they are supposed to carry throughout the day.

How to Maintain your Horse’s Health?

Most of us may know that a horse requires a good diet to go on all day long. At the same time, we can also be concerned about their physical health and behaviour. Some of these concerns can be easily achieved, and you may also measure out different prospects on the same view. But do these questions occur to you as well?

  • Are people concerned with their horse’s health?
  • What if my horse is feeling unwell?
  • Is there any remedy to improve my horse’s health?

And many more!

As long as you are able to keep a good check on your horse’s diet, nutrition level and health issues, it will stay strong and healthy for a long. So, in order to learn more about how to improve your horse’s health, you can continue reading further.

Tips to Improve your Horse’s Health

While looking out for methods to improve your horse’s health, you first need to start with the basic. Here are some of the tips that you can follow –

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1. Maintain a Healthy Diet Plan:

The best way to promote your horse’s health is by allowing them to have a proper diet plan. If your horse is eating its feed in a balanced amount, then it’s going to be good for its digestive system. In addition, it’s essential that you must not give too much grain to your horse as it will create issues. Thus, you can consult a vet and ask them to provide you with a proper diet chart as per your horse’s health.

2. Give them Clean & Fresh Water:

We all know about the importance of water for all living beings. Not only humans but every plant, animal, and other living creature need water to survive. But are we also providing them with the same quality water we take for ourselves? Needless to say, you must provide your horse with an ample amount of fresh and clean water on a regular basis. More so, they can drink about 8 to 10 gallons of water for their everyday routine work.

3. Check their Temperature Daily:

Yes, we all know that horses, just any other animal, cannot communicate how they are feeling today! So, to justify that they are doing well, it’s necessary that you get their temperature checked as a regular checkup procedure. Likely, it’s important to see how well they are doing or if they require any special treatment.

4. Increase their Forage Intake:

There is not just one thing that a horse’s body needs to run all day long. They must have vitamins and all sorts of nutrients to deal with their everyday activity. Similarly, boosting the fibre intake of horses will improve their digestive system. In simple terms, if your horse is approximately 1000 pounds, it will need at least 20 pounds of hay daily.

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5. Help them in Stressful Times:

Just like humans, horses and many other animals go through stressful events in their life. It can be a sudden change in their exercise routine, travelling or pregnancy. Likewise, we suggest following your horse’s behaviour pattern and allowing them to relax their minds and bodies. In order to help in such situations, you can ask the vet to provide some supplements for the horse.

6. Don’t make Change Abruptly:

Whether it’s the food for your horse or their physical activity routine, it’s inappropriate for the horse’s health to make sudden changes. It will cause trouble in their digestive system and other physical aspects. In addition, it is considered to make slow changes so that the horse can adapt profoundly as per the criteria.


If you are willing to provide your horse with the best of life, follow the tips listed above. Apart from that, you can always take suggestions from experts knowledgeable enough in this field. In short, if your horse’s health is absolutely fine, so will your horseback riding routine. Thus, always take precautions rather than taking its cure later on.

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